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SABHA - 4M Report Arvind Kumar, 04 Nov 2006

Your regular dose of pseudosecularism

  1. University Professor: Same people are different people!

    Jonathan Mark Kenoyer of the University of Wisconsin states in a textbook for sixth grade students that the "body types of the people living in the Indus Valley did not change" during the period of the alleged Aryan invasion of the region, but also claims that "Indo-Aryan speakers gained power and conquered" parts of India!

    If Kenoyer and his friends are to be believed, unicorns in the Indus Valley were based on donkeys. According to them, there were no horses in India at that time, but many seals that have been excavated include the image of a unicorn.

  2. Man falls from Jesus idol after asking it for miracles

    A man who climbed the idol of Jesus asking it for a miracle suffered multiple fractures after he fell from it. View the video of the miracle that Jesus botched up here.

    The man was rescued from the foot of the idol of Jesus and taken to a hospital. Apparently, the rescue workers did not believe in miracle cures from Jesus and preferred to take him to a hospital instead.

    Rescue workers took Acosta to the closest hospital where he was diagnosed with multiple fractures.

  3. Associated Press explains miracles

    Associated Press explained why a tree fell and a woman's family was unhurt. Apparently, Associated Press has a category called 'minor miracles' for filing stories.

    A Snow Miracle in NY


    BUFFALO, N.Y. (AP) - October 20, 2006 - File this under the category of minor miracles.

    Last week's freak snowstorm in western New York left Georgianna Verrastro amazed. She lives near a former Catholic school in Buffalo.

    Two large trees fell on a statue of Jesus, forming a cross. Video taken by a local TV station shows the branches leaning against the statue in a way that it looks like Jesus is carrying the wooden cross. The falling limbs only did minor damage to the statue.

    Verrastro says her home didn't suffer any damage or even lose power. She says the cross on the nearby Jesus statue is proof enough to her that a higher power was watching over her family.

  4. Nobel Prize winner criticized for collecting interest

    Mohammad Yunus, who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his work in granting loans to poor people, came under sharp criticism from Communists for his action of collecting interest on these loans. The criticism was published in the Communist magazine ZMag.

    The article quotes a Muslim professor on the topic.

    Quddus continues: 'Others have pointed out that micro-credit simply deepens the exploitation of the women since the rates of interest charged by the bank in real [after inflation] terms are quite high; consequently, credit often worsens the debt situation and gives the husbands even more leverage.'
    Islam forbids interest rates and terms it riba.

  5. British use different number system to report 'conversion rally'

    A 'conversion rally' in Nagpur that intended to convert over a million people to Christianity saw only a few hundred people turn up for the event. The Times of India reported a turnout of around 600 people.
    Contrary to expectations of thousands of Dalits embracing either Buddhism on Christianity, only around 600 people changed their religion.
    According to the Indian Express, around "500-odd" people attended the event.
    While Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) leader Mayawati refused to convert to Buddhism and justified inclusion of Brahmins in the party fold, the All India Confederation of SC/ST Organisations and All India Christian Council (AICC) converted 500-odd people from different "lower" Hindu castes to Buddhism and Christianity.
    However, news reports in the British media showed that the British did not follow the Hindu number system and had a number system of their own. While the BBC described the number between five hundred and six hundred as "thousands of people," The Scotsman used the number 10,000 to represent the number between five hundred and six hundred.
    Buddhist monks in orange robes and Christian priests administered religious vows in separate ceremonies to about 10,000 Dalits . . .

  6. Gujarat High Court's quashing Banerjee panel is setback to truth

    In a serious setback to the process of arriving at the truth, the Gujarat High Court quashed the appointment of the UC Banerjee panel that was set up to investigate the firebombing of a train at Godhra in 2002.

    The panel had made a lot of headway, and combined with the efforts of American and European professors, "human rights" organizations, media, and Chinese Communists like Sitaram Yechury, it was possible to reconstruct the exact events as they happened.

    The train that was firebombed by Muslims stopped at a station for 3 minutes, during which time the evil Hindus on the train refused to pay for the tea they had purchased from the Muslim vendors. So the Muslims, in a spontaneous display of outrage, used Molotov cocktails and other bombs to attack the train. The Hindus chanted religious verses and this incensed the Muslims, and the train accidentally burst into flames killing the Hindus. The Muslims then threw stones on the dying passengers. It was all the fault of the passengers!

  7. Harvard University makes breakthrough in logic research

    Researchers at Harvard University have now proved that the conventional system of logical analysis is erroneous, and that all mathematicians and scientists have used flawed ideas for centuries.

    In this new finding that is expected to put scientists to shame, Prof. Michael Witzel has proved that circulus in demonstrando or circular logic is not a flawed method, but a useful research tool to arrive at conclusions. Under this new system, many ideas become self-evident as they no longer need a traditional proof, but can be proved using themselves!

    "Asst. to the Professor" Steve Farmer condemned the field of genetics as an "iffy" field.

    . . . such studies are based on modern genetic data back-projected into historical times using very iffy theoretical models of genetic drift.
    Farmer and Witzel have used the new logic system to establish that use of "linguistics" (similarity between a few words in various languages) is a legitimate means to prove the Aryan Invasion Theory.

    Thus we have:

    Conjecture: The invasion of India by the descendents of Noah's son Japheth explains the similarity in few words in Indian languages and the languages in some parts of the world.

    Proof: The similarity in few words in Indian languages and the languages in some parts of the world proves that the descendents of Noah's son Japheth invaded India and brought with them the language of the Tower of Babel described in the Bible.

    Thus, Aryan invasion explains "linguistics" and "linguistics" proves that an Aryan invasion took place! To put it succinctly, the proof for Aryan invasion is the Aryan invasion!

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virat0 said...

Sabha is really hillarious. Hope they keep it up.

BTW there is a book on ARyan Idols, from chicago univ press. I got the book with great intrest, but it appears the humanity stream has all donkeys ( as one person sees above), the horses were in central asia long back. The humanity guys can't run away from the aryan thing.

The aryan idols analyzes how the japeth, noah etc became the races for secular JNU sepoys.( Actually it doen't bother about JNU sepoys, but we know by association.)

What is amazing is the positive spin it puts on likes of Max Mueller, whose agenda is clear from some idiotic quotes. The book is not comprehensive, and leaves out when idols like british colonialists are to be implicated. The book leaves out how the colonialists destroyed other cultures using these idiotic ideas, but focuses on ills of europe. The book however is clear that this thing, so dear to JNU secularists is a myth.

The word idol means something that doesn't exist, which is why the book is named so. So obviously this person doesn't accept the hindu Bhakti, like JNU secular barbrians, Bhakti of hindus is to be interpreted by marx or christists. Therefore he has choosed such an insensitive name for the title of the book.