Wednesday, November 08, 2006

what the US elections actually mean

nov 7th, 2006 (resending)

i dont think there is some great magic interpretation of the results. it's just 'anti-incumbency'. you get sick of the rascals in power after some time and just want to kick them out and put the other rascals back in.

the great silver lining for india is that the indo-us nuclear deal (or should i say handcuff) will have no chance of going through. this is not such a bad thing, either. of course, now india will have to deal with a democratic presidency (looking to 2008) -- although i seriously doubt if hillary clinton (a woman) or barack obama (a black) have a serious chance of winning. it will be some good ol' boy white guy from the south who wins again.

the whole point behind the nuclear deal is a desperate search for energy. and kowtowing to america is not going to get india energy security. and the playing field is changing: there are numerous new developments in solar energy, coal gasification, etc. which will make energy less of an issue for india. after all, with global warming of 3-5 degrees C, india will have that much more sunshine to turn into electricity (although i say this glibly, it is a real issue that climate will be thoroughly messed up by global warming, and this will also lead to the submersion of coastal cities. bangalore or hyderabad, anyone?)


Ghost Writer said...

and while we are on the subject of nuclear deals - here is yet another example of shameless Chinese proliferation
They have already agreed to build an atomic rector for Bangladesh, wonder who is next? Somalia may have an energy deficit that needs filling ....

chitrakut said...

Bangalore is at an elevation of 3000 feet. There is no way bangalore will get submerged

san said...

I don't Obama has much intellect, despite his being able to string together complaints without resorting to rhyme, like Jesse Jackson.