Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Fwd: october surprises, eh?

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From: Rajeev Srinivasan

nov 6th, 2006

how convenient the timing of various events has been for bush:

1. north korea's test of chinese nukes: this can scare people into voting for the republicans
2. the sentencing of mr. saddam hussein: this shows that the republicans actually did something

it's hard to believe that these are mere coincidences.

as the country goes to the polls, all the pundits are suggesting that the republicans will lose the house and possibly the senate, and a number of governorships.

i am hoping that a bunch of non-proliferation ayatollahs come in and wreck the indo-american nuclear deal. that would mean a last-minute reprieve from utter disaster.


Ghost Writer said...

Part II - http://www.indianexpress.com/story/16218._.html of Arun Shourie's edit wrt China. I posted Part I on this blog yesterday.

What a bunch of intelligent, super-patriot lot this family. His wife runs a school for spastic children in Delhi. His father - late Mr H D Shourie was the founder of Common Cause and was working for a public cause when he passed away at the age 91; his sister Nalini Singh has produced the best programs ever shown on Doordarshan and his brother Deepak Shourie is the head honcho for the Discovery Channel in India. Talk about a super-achiever family!!!

Alas - all this will be lost to the deaf ears of the Afzal Guru-hugging Indian intelligentsia and the cotton-stuffed brains of the general public back home

Kaunteya said...

I am not pro-Bush, but i am definitely pro-republican. And i have reasons for that.
So i was dissappointed with conservatives loosing the House and if Virgina/Montana go the trend, even the Senate.

The mainstream media did them in. Also a bunch of corrupt leaders and Mark Foleys did not help.

Here's something off the topic though...about Gujarat..

I have a simple thumb rule about Indian english media [Times of India, Indian Express,NDTV et al] .. if they dislike or damn something, that must be good ...
The media has been relentless in it's onslaught of Modi and Gujarat for last five years. So vicious has been the campaign against Modi that it can put the worst days of Indira Gandhi to shame...

But inspite of all the negativity Gujarat is not only surviving, it's galloping way past others... Our [alleged] PM screams from the roof tops that India is growing at 7%... well guess what? Gujarat is growing at 16% .... I have been observing Gujarat related news for last few years.. Modi is silently achieving a whole lot of things behind the blanket negative campaign...

if Modi is not bumped off either by "secularists" or "terrorists" for another 3-4 years, Modi will have changed face of Gujarat like no one before...

indianpatriot said...

As I had posted yesterday the Bible thumpers party has been heavily dumped and now left with only Bible Belt in the south. The heaviest Bible thumpers and who were responsible for refusing visa to Modi (Santorum, George Malaca Allen) all got dumped. Though I am not great fan of democratic party this victory has effectively nuked the nuclear treaty unless Madmohan Singh is willing to sell India as he is doing until now. I believe it will be very difficult since BJP in on the upswing again and will be the most likely choice to lead a coalition again whenever elections are held. Here is the good news about BJP from TOI(Toilet paper of India).

NEW DELHI: A day after its unexpected victory in local body elections in UP, BJP seemed to be in a mood for self-congratulation and merry-making.

After a long spell in the wilderness, the UP result has injected new-found bonhomie in the BJP ranks. There was much back-slapping and camaraderie.

In keeping with the good cheer, former PM A B Vajpayee, who had campaigned for the civic polls in Lucknow, issued a written statement congratulating party workers and the people of UP.

He said party workers faced civic polls boldly and worked hard "in the face of odds,"and urged them to work unitedly to win public confidence.

Party chief Rajnath Singh said, "Everybody gave their support... they all belong to the Parivar. I would especially like to thank the state party leadership and workers."

Leader of Opposition L K Advani's 79th birthday on Wednesday was turned into an occasion for further celebration. While Rajnath was among the first to go over and wish Advani in the morning, he returned in the evening soon after RSS chief K S Sudarshan showed up for a recital of the Ramcharit Manas followed by tea.

Among other BJP leaders present for the celebration— which turned out to be more for UP than Advani's birthday — were Jaswant Singh, Arun Jaitley, Ananth Kumar.

Interestingly, Sanjay Joshi, who is not often spotted at Advani's private functions, also landed up with Rajnath. That the spirit in the BJP had lifted was clear from Advani saying, "the best birthday gift has come from the people of UP."