Wednesday, November 22, 2006

a nice indicator of the status of women in saudi arabia

nov 22nd, 2006

good mohammedans treat women like pond scum. clearly some mohammedan women just love it. ask ayesha andrabi of the dukhtaran-e-millet of jammu and kashmir.

ps. that always sounds like 'daughters of millet' to me, btw, sort of like that awful horror flick 'children of the corn'.

pps. also like 'insaniyat': what a close analog of 'insanity'!

ppps. welcome back, shahryar. you have been missed around here.

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Wednesday, 22, November, 2006 (02, Dhul Qa`dah, 1427)
Women Asked to Leave Seminar
Raid Qusti, Arab News —

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san said...

The Atlanticists trumpet their viewpoint again:

Economist Calls India a Flawed Democracy