Sunday, November 05, 2006

on firefox vs ie7

oct 5th, 2006

i downloaded both and installed them.

i like firefox 2's new tabbing mechanism and the spellchecker.

i also like ie7's default font, which i find clearer than firefox's.

so far, both seem acceptable, but of course ie7 will have a few hundred security holes punched in it by developers in the next month, and we'll have to wait another 5 years for a new release.

although ie7 has narrowed the gap, firefox still wins. any comments from you folks?


Ghost Writer said...

I have stopped using Internet Explorer altogether. I love Firefox's extensibility - people write bolt on extensions for so many things. From the weather to hacking systems - it's endless and so much fun

Cacoethes said...

My favourite is Opera, which has several features not available in other browsers: like "fit to window", increase or decrease size of entire display, and "copy to note". I also use Firefox, but it is my second preference. Seems to me that Firefox has been hyped a bit. I wish I could stop using Internet Explorer (irrespective of version), but several Web sites, including my ISP's and Windows-update would not accept anything else. If you believe the postings on Internet fora, "security holes" and divers other problems are already showing up in IE7. I would rather stay with IE6 for the time being.

Anjali Bhardwaj said...

I hate IE. The speed is pathetic compared to firefox. And the speed of FF can be further improved by turning pipelining on.

The customizability of firefox is also much superior. write about:config on the addressbar and see the no of option you get.
On the downside, it has memory leaks. After running for 2-3 days, it consumes 150megs+.

EkSh00nyaSh00nya said...

I only use IE when the Windows OS needs to be updated...other than that I steer clear of fav. is Firefox as well as Opera, which I have just started with...Firefox has so-many extensions & add-ons...they really make ur life easier....n given my affection for Open Source s/w I always recommend it&n OpenOffice to of the best extensions for Firefox happens to be Video Downloader extension that allows you to download videos fro sites like YouTube, Google, iFilm, Metacafe etc.