Monday, November 06, 2006

armenian genocide

nov 6th, 2006

the model for other mohammedan genocides.

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From: Gau

-- The Armenian massacre (see below) has so much in common with extermination of Hindus in East Pakistan in 1971.


Ghost Writer said...

Meanwhile Cameron and his Tories start sucking-up to the Hindus.
What this really is of course is an attempt to steal a march of the Labourites when it comes to 'multi-culturalism'. Knowing fully well that the Muslim migrants (aka bloody Paki's) are unlikely to vote for them, I guess it's now time to turn to the Hindus. They also feel that being richer, the Hindus are more inclined to the Tory financial philosophy of small government and low taxes.

The British Hindus must now seize the opportunity and as a block vote for 'soft-power'. Bring out themes like the BBC misrepresentation of India, bias against Hindus etc; and as the position strengthens - ask for a Royal apology for the colonialism

Anoop said...

This might interest you

Yep he is my gov.


Ghost Writer said...

@ Anoop
Excellent posting. Incidentally the Rev Hagee is one crazy man. One of his rants formed the basis of an article (rather long article) I wrote on my blog.

What is more interesting is that both his rivals in Texas have to say "Jai Jesus" too else they are doomed. That includes a Jew called Kinky!. So much for secular politics in the US.