Saturday, November 25, 2006

christists in the central government

nov 25th, 2006

i have learnt reliably that the following are christists. no wonder they are so anti-hindu.

1. ambika soni
2. arvind sharma
3. arjun singh's wife (and therefore by injection, probably arjun singh as well)

add to this vincent george, tom vadakkan, hormis tharakan, ak antony et al. and we have a government for christists, of christists, and by christists.

supported by a bunch of guys who are for china, of china and by china.

no wonder the country is being screwed. the last time the christists were in power, they took out $10 trillion and murdered 30 million people through famine. the current christists are probably gunning to do more.

india does not have any 'friends of india' in power. there are 'friends of america', 'friends of the vatican', 'friends of saudi arabia', and 'friends of china' in power.

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