Friday, November 17, 2006

christist bashing mohammedans in kerala

nov 17th, 2006

this is good. i hope christists put their money where their mouth is and start using their specialty -- subtle brainwashing -- against mohammedans. christists are getting scared of mohammedans capturing their coastal strongholds -- ironically areas where 'saint' francis xavier performed his own jihad to convert fisherfolk at gunpoint. this led to a most interesting mohammedan-christist riot in vizhinjam, trivandrum last year. of course, the media didnt know what to say about it. but the christists noticed that after they burned a bunch of mohammedan houses, the (christist oommen chandy) kerala government was very quick to go rebuilt mohammedan houses.

of course, no such luck for hindus whose houses were destroyed by the tsunami.

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Friday, September 29, 2006

Trouble with Muslims in Kerala

By John Cheeran
What's wrong with Muslims in Kerala?
Muslims in India are considered to be a economically weaker section.
They are poor, and largely illiterate.
The leaders of Muslim community would like us to believe that a Hindu-majority state is responsible for the pathetic condition of Muslims, conveniently ignoring the past of Mughal emperors. Think Taj Mahal!
Arguments can go on and on this subject.
But let me quickly take you to Kerala where a lot had been done by the Left front governments to uplift Muslims. Communist Chief Minister EMS Namboothiripad was instrumental in carving up country's first Muslim majority district, Malappuram, in 1957 so that the community could gain from a sustained development programme.
And even now only two districts enjoy a Muslim majority in India, the other being Murshidabad.
Now Kerala is fearing that Malappuram is on the path to become an Afghanistan.
Why is it so?
Muslim League, a party led by a religious leader, owes its political existence to the simple fact that Malappuram has a Muslim majority. There are more Muslims in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and West Bengal than in Kerala but Muslim League cannot win a single seat in those states.
In Kerala, Muslims have amassed considerable political and financial muscle thanks to its youth working in Gulf countries.
But this political and financial muscle have not forced Kerala Muslims to look forward and mesh with other sections of the society.
And fault for this squarely lies with Muslim community; not anyone else.
Muslims demand democracy when they are short in numbers; in such scenarios they fear they will be swamped by the majority. That's why Muslims want a democracy in India whereby they can still practice sharaiah laws.
Please look across the border to Pakistan. There is no democracy in Pakistan and the reason is clear to you.
In Malappuram, the sheer dominance in numbers game has empowered the Muslim community. To be specific, the male Muslim.
Also the money orders from Gulf countries add the financial muscle to Muslims there. Travel through Malappuram district and you will likely to get a sneak peek into what life could be in Afghanistan and Pakistan.
Young Muslim women are walking the streets, clad in burqas.
It was an uncommon sight in the Kerala of 60s and 70s and 80s.
What's so special about Muslim women that they have to be converted into mobile tents? What do they have which Hindu and Christian women haven't got?

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