Wednesday, December 08, 2010

WikiLeaks Shows US Manipulated Copenhagen Accord

The WikiLeaks dizclosures have revealed how the US manipulated the Copenhagen Accord on Climate Change.


Non Carborundum said...

How come all the leaks tend to be somewhat damaging but not really too damaging? Seems more and more as if relatively innocuous information has been released to boost credibility with a few useful lies possibly mixed in. And how come they bumbled so badly in catching Assange for so long?

Arvind said...

non carborundum: they will not be too damaging because these are not military secrets in a time of war. the foreign offices in various countries are the most useless appendages of governments and all diplomats have been given sinecures. since they are useless offices, all information from them will be useless as well.

that said, it is possible that the leaks came from the government itself. one aim could be for the cable to say, "india is a great superpower." once it says that, foolish indians will agree to pay 100 billion dollars to al gore who will grant you carbon licenses he created himself on his computer.

Non Carborundum said...


The whole thing seems contrived to me. Notice how Assange's hair has turned black all of a sudden. Either he stopped dyeing it white or he's now dyeing it black. Even the leak on China's intentions on Africa - it almost sounds as if the diplomats believe this stuff about the good intentions of the US government versus the selfish motives of the Chinese. I don't think real internal memos/cables would be worded like this at all.

Above all. Why didn't the US just deny the authenticity of the leaks altogether?