Sunday, December 05, 2010

WikiLeaks on Pak Terrorists and Saudi Fund-Raising

WikiLeaks document show US discussions on how Pak terror groups like Lashkar-e-Taiba raise money from Saudi sources.


slim_shady said...

On a related note, Lashkar planned to kill Narendra Modi: Wikileaks

Itsdifferent said...

"Currently, the seaboard of the Indian Ocean lacks a superpower, which makes it, says Kaplan, a very “future trending” place indeed."
I am thinking of buying 100 copies of this book, and sending it to our netas and babus.
Its high time, either we start building a nuclear powered fleet, or start buying.

smriti said...

Astonishing that it takes Wikileaks to tell the world what has been the open secret for ages now. More surprising is the feigned righteous indignation of the media in publishing them.

Do we need leaked diplomatic cables to tell us that pakistan funds terror across India ?

Whatever Assange is or is not , these left-wing media rags are the most self-serving numskulls peddling their pernicious agenda.