Friday, December 03, 2010

warmest years on record: 2010 is latest

dec 3rd, 2010

forget the heavy snowfall in europe. local weather changes mean nothing. climate is a much bigger thing.


Arvind said...

every year is the warmest for the frauds at noaa and nasa except that the claims do not match up with their own previous claims.

if you look at the numbers released in previous years, you will see that some of them are greater than the latest "warmest year on record." every year, they push down the numbers from previous years for the current year's press release.

Inferno said...

Endangered Sikhs of Peshawar
.. Suzie's dream come true

sansk said...

"forget the heavy snowfall in europe. local weather changes mean nothing. climate is a much bigger thing."

That seems to be the only remaining defence of global warming (based tax collector's) cabal. And this seems to be a new scientific approach when unconfortable continent-wide data is urged to be ignored/rejected just because it does not fit in the carbon tax lobby ?

And where is the proof that oil (claimed to be biggest source of CO2) IS a fossil fuel ?

Global Warming is the biggest fraud of our era.....

I wonder how come some people still have any faith in statistical data produced by sarkari bureaucrats for implementing serfdom for the masses.

Seems like more taxes on the lines of carbon taxes are on the way.

nizhal yoddha said...

sure, i can accept it that you don't think global warming is real, but it is a bit much to claim that oil is not a fossil fuel. this is like somebody telling me that a 'cold gas like co2' could never cause warming! you are opening yourself to ridicule when you say things like that.

i do hope you will be as sanguine when the waters start rising and mumbai, chennai etc. disappear. i don't know for a fact that AGW is real, but i would rather take the low-risk path and deal with AGW if in fact it is real.

you guys are all ignoring the huge scientific evidence that there is something funny happening to the weather. to conflate that with the fact that white guys are trying to take advantage of it is mixing up two issues. do not throw the baby out with the bathwater.

india is highly vulnerable -- in fact it may the most vulnerable country in the world -- if AGW is real. our core competence is agriculture and it will be devastated if the monsoons change. also we will be invaded by 100 million bangladeshis and sundry others like maldivians if their homelands get waterlogged. it is therefore merely prudent to have a plan B in case AGW is real.

what is your alternative? to say, "ooops, i was wrong."? what is your plan B?

it's one thing to think al gore is a dipweed, but something else altogether to be so, so, so,... semitic. i feel there is sort of the First Church of Climate Denial in action here. totally like all these fringe protestant loonies, depending on blind faith.

Harish said...

The oil is 'NOT' a fossil fuel comes from the 'abiotic theory of the origin of oil '...(just google it)

It is a rather new theory for the origins of oil....and which seems to have some merit to it..(on initial read)

That said.. i do believe global warming is a real danger..However i do not for one support endless taxation, carbon credits and all the BS as a way out of this environmental mess..

We have to stop consuming like there is no tomorrow..We cannot rape this planet 24/7 for GDP growth and claim it will not have negative impact.. I think we have reached a tipping point here..the western model of endless "growth", abuse of natural resources is NOT the answer.. Jairam Ramesh is right in a way after all...

the Indic way of life..(not the stereotype that has been fed to us)... that harmonizes nature and society is the way out...IMHO

sansk said...

Sorry Rajeev...
With due respect, just because everyone agrees that oil is fossil fuel, it does not become fossile fuel.

By the same logic, Earth would be flat if enough people believe in that.

I hope that you are not going to join catholic church in that regard :-)

nizhal yoddha said...

sansk, the world is full of crackpot theories. the theory that oil is not of organic origin is one such. but people believe in this. i mean, there is a theory that some feller actually was crucified and then he, like, was resurrected and went to heaven! can you believe it, a lot of people actually buy this snake oil!

in any case, whether or not oil is of organic origin is a total red herring. it can be proven with absolute confidence -- you can do it yourself -- that burning it will produce carbon dioxide. and co2 has been shown to cause greenhouse warming. so where's the missing link?

sansk, there are many more crackpot theories out there: 1. 9/11 was done by the US authorities, 2. the flight to the moon was faked in a hollywood sound stage. 3. manmohan singh is 'decent' and 'honest'. please don't get caught up in these.

Arvind said...

the only crackpot theories are that (1) there will be an ice age in the next few years, we indians are responsible for it and must buy "green stoves" from the americans to stop it and (2) there is a global warming and we indians are responsible for it and we indians must purchase carbon licenses to prevent it.

sure, funny things are happening to the weather, but they have been happening for thousands of years. the frauds even tried claiming that the floods in pakistan and forest fires in russia were due to AGW. these events have been happening every few years for hundreds of years. you can look up google news archives.

as for chennai and mumbai being underwater, here is a bet. if cancun talks fail, chennai will not be underwater by 2015 as claimed. (actually, according to the warmists, it was too late back in 1995 to stop it, so what exactly are they trying right now?)

sansk said...

thanks Rajeev, you just proved my point. The snake oil theory of crucifixion and immaculate conception is closer to fiction that abiotic oil theory. Now for a minute consider the possibility that fossil fuel thing is one such theory.

Afterall, the peak oil is already supposed to have occurred, and still we have oil less than 100 USD (even after Zimbabwe Bernanke has been running the printing press in overdrive).

Also, their is no such (currently accepted) principle of biological superiority which proclaims that if something make CO2 while burnt, it must come from some living or dead animal/plant. That is long discarded....ever since urea was produced using ammonium cyanate.

And being interested in a few things about frauds and how fraudsters use media, I am convinced that oil dealers are taking the world for a ride.

i mean, there is a theory that some feller actually was crucified and then he, like, was resurrected and went to heaven! can you believe it, a lot of people actually buy this snake oil!

nizhal yoddha said...

arvind, you are conflating two things to push your argument, which is a bad tactic.

there is a reasonable scientific debate about AGW. i admit i don't know the answer. but then neither do you.

on the other hand, white guys are trying to make hay out of it by selling carbon credits. that is a different issue.

don't conflate the two.

white guys always try to make money off anything. heck, so do indians -- eg. 2g scam etc. differentiate the scamsters from the scientists.

as for chennai being flooded, it may be better if it's only flooded by 5 feet rather than 10 feet. that was at least bangalore won't be flooded too. so it's good to reduce the agents of flooding. it may be too late already, but surely you are not saying that we must do nothing?

nizhal yoddha said...

sansk, oil being non-biological in origin is, at the moment, a crackpot theory. ok, it's a hypothesis that's not proven.

but it's also a total red herring. it doesn't matter if it is biological or not. heck it could be made of martian green cheese for all i care. will it create co2 when burned, that's all that matters. and the answer is 'yes'.

Arvind said...

actually, i do know since i have looked at the data put out by nasa (a proponent of agw). i took their annual press statements for over 20 years and extracted the sentence stating the average temperature and created a graph. the trend is declining. i also found that they have doctored numbers and have suddenly changed the baseline average to a lower number in recent years so that they get a higher delta for later years.

what is more, the climategate emails show clear evidence of fraud and the fact that the scientists who push it themselves being skeptics but doing this for the money.

nizhal yoddha said...

no arvind, you do not know. you have a hypothesis. now you should articulate it clearly and put it out there for peer review. let both opponents and proponents of AGW take pot-shots at it. if your hypothesis still stands, then maybe you know. right now, all you have is hearsay and unverified tall claims.