Wednesday, December 01, 2010

There are black days ahead for the carbon industry

dec 1st, 2010

this may well be true, but that'll be small comfort when the sea level rises. mumbai and chennai get inundated, and bangladeshis start invading india in untold millions. not only bangladeshis, but maldivians etc. and since manmohan's heart bleeds for any mohammedan anywhere, they will all be given honorary indian citizenship.

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From: Arvind 

What they want is an agreement that will force Indian and Chinese taxpayers to buy "carbon credits" from the Whites.

None of the lobbying has been more telling than a statement issued by 259 investment organisations, controlling "collective assets totalling over $15 trillion" – including major banks, insurance companies and pension funds. These are the bodies calling most stridently for "government action on climate change", because they are the ones who hope to make vast sums of money out of it. They are desperate for a treaty of the type they failed to get at Copenhagen – even more so since the collapse of the US cap and trade bill – because they see their chance of turning global warming into the most lucrative fruit machine in history dwindling by the month.

Top of their wish list is "a rapid time-frame" for implementing the UN's REDD scheme, which would enable them to make hundreds of billions of dollars by selling the CO2 locked up in the world's tropical rainforests as "carbon offsets", thus allowing firms from the developed world to continue emitting CO2. Under this scheme, for instance, environmental bodies including the WWF hope to share in the $60 billion which they estimate as the "carbon value" of the Brazilian rainforest.

But nothing better betrays their gloom about any result from Cancun than that they at least want it to give "a clear mandate" for the adoption of "a legally binding agreement" at the UN's next conference, due in South Africa next year. This year, next year, sometime… With so much money at stake, they won't give up. But as the climate scare dies, the sound of whistling in the dark grows ever louder.


Arvind said...

they told us in the 70s that india was responsible for an oncoming ice age as we were using bad stoves that created soot which blocked out sunlight.

the only solution was for india to purchase 6000 dollar s"clean stoves" from the world bank's partner firms and allow undp's partner non-profit groups to conduct awareness campaigns and conferences in exotic locations around the world.

now we have this. sea level rise is a bugaboo and the carbon trading thing has absolutely no relation to environment. it is merely a trading mechanism that transfers money from india to americans who will issue "carbon credits." americans even have a plan by which india pays for "carbon credits" and americans have the right to sell them because there are rainforests in brazil which allow them to create "carbon credits." figure that one out.

Inferno said...

Indian scientists' papers were five times more likely to be retracted for fraud than those by scientists of other countries.