Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Saudis Distrust Shia Zardari

One particular Wikileaks revelation I found to be noteworthy, was how the Saudis apparently distrust Zardari because he's a Shia. They seem paranoid that he'll collude with Iran and Iraq's US-installed Shia president. They might be right, but it's amazing how that nation of stone-age tent-dwelling chieftains is able to manage their survival. No wonder they're privately screaming for the US to rid them of their arch-enemy Iran. It's a good thing these WikiLeaks are at least forcing the Saudis out of the closet, so that the international public can see the depth of their antipathy towards Iran.

Too bad the Iranians can't be convinced to give up their pathological mania over Israel, to instead simply focus on their real foes, the Saudis.

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