Friday, December 03, 2010

Religious Apartheid in Modern India by Dr Moorthy Muthuswamy

dec 3rd, 2010

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Religious Apartheid in Modern India: Transforming of a Civilisation
The Muslims ruled India for hundreds of years, the Christians for about 100 years yet before Bharat became independent the British imposed the concept of Majority vs Minority. Post 1947 the concept of Special Rights to Minorities came into being. One of them is the right to adminster their own Educational Institutions. The Indian Constitution did not define the word 'Minority' though. As a result today everybody wants to be classified as a Minority. This provision has allowed the Church to create a web of educational institutions across the country and wield influence far in excess of the 2.5% Christian population in India. The majority community in no country offers such privileges.
Thought provoking article with lots of factual data.
Email feedback to author - The author is a U.S.-based nuclear physicist.
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