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dec 2nd, 2010

interesting. in reality the FCC is just a restaurant anybody can go to. i have eaten at the FCC in phnom penh, which has a nice view of the tonle sap river.

these blighters have no business turning it into some kind of "no dogs and indians allowed" club. someone should file suit against them.

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Foreign Correspondents abuse Indian hospitality, host Mirwaiz

Sandhya Jain

2 December 2010

In an extremely provocative intervention in India 's internal affairs, the Delhi-based Foreign Correspondents' Club of South Asia invited Kashmiri separatist leader Mirwaiz Umer Farooq for an exclusive interaction with foreign journalists, dis-inviting even the Indian media, which stood outside the venue and covered the protest by agitated nationalists, including members of the ousted Kashmiri Pandit community.

The writer and Smt. Nancy Kaul, convener, Daughters of Vitasta (an organisation of the ousted Pandit community), managed to enter the main gate of the Mathura Road venue, but were soon hustled out by a formidable lady who was checking each and every person against a typed list. She insisted firmly that the event was only for foreign correspondent members of the club, and so we were soon out.

The FCC management claimed that the meeting was organised so that journalists working for foreign media could hear the Hurriyat chairman, who has invited public ire across the nation on account of his demands for independence. It claimed the event was only for select invitees.

That this was not entirely true can be seen from the fact that a representative of the Pakistan High Commission was allowed to attend the meeting, even though he was not on the list of invitees. It seems the gentleman arrived at the club premises, identified himself and requested to be allowed in. One of the organisers told the policemen manning the gate to let him in (Times of India, Dec. 1, 2010).

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Smt. Sandhya Jain is the daughter of (late) Shri Girilal Jain, former Editor, Times of India.

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Shabu said...

Just read your article on rediff.

about funding for someone like P.T.Usha

Woouldn't it be feasible for her to have a donation setup via Paypal etc on her website and she can appeal for donations via YouTube/Facebook/Twitter etc

Surely some people will donate small amounts like 50-100$ but she can get enough funds by volume.

Surely someone can help her to embrace technology/media.

I am willing to spend my time and money to assist in this. Can you give me some pointers on how to meet PT Usha. Can I just rock up at her palce and give suggestions. I will be travelling to Chennai,India from Melbourne in 6 weeks time and have a Keral trip planned too.

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