Saturday, December 11, 2010

rajiv malhotra: hindu view of christian yoga

dec 11th, 2010

see page 10 of the DNA epaper

christian yoga is an absolute oxymoron. jesus (if he existed, that is) would not recognize yoga if it were presented to him on a plate with watercress around it and it jumped up and bit him on the nose.

semitic barbarians cannot dig yoga. they can steal it, of course, like they steal all sorts of other cultural artifacts. 

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From: sanjeevnayyar

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VAMANAN said...

Dear Rajeev, I understand your viewpoint. But I would like to add a few comments visavis Rajiv Malhotra’s article which lines up the differences between Hindu thought and Christian dogma. He says that yoga is do-it-yourself without need for intermediaries. But Hindu spirituality too puts great emphasis on the guru, though not of the pulpit thumping petty variety. The guru’s grace is a sublime transmission of divinity. Rajiv Malhotra also points out that apostle Paul was troubled by the clash between the body and spirit. I should say that many saints and mystic poets, of whatever religion, face it. While yoga is lightyears away from dogma ridden religions, Christians who hear the call of the spirit should feel free to seek it. God save those who do not live from their heart but from some motheaten manual of creeds.