Monday, December 13, 2010

On EVMs and Deportations

Zee TV reports on the Indian govt's excuse for having deported EVM experts Alex Halderman and Rop Gonggrijp on arrival.

Here's my reply to the article, which I submitted for posting:
The ruling Congress Party is looking for new ways to conduct vote-rigging to keep themselves in power. After having failed in their bid to rule through The Emergency the last time, they know that they have to come up with a cleverer and more refined approach this time. Any activists, ideologues or intellectuals who try to rock the boat, or rock the vote, by exposing corruption in ruling institutions will silenced through the growing police state of the Congress. What would Gandhi say about all this?

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M. Patil said...

Luckily in AP there is more awareness of EVM fraud, because of the effort of Eenadu and TDP and the indefatigable Hari Prasad. Without their efforts the paid media would be singing Rahul Magic in Bihar.

The fact that the good prof is denied entry but notorious India baiters like Suzanna Roy are allowed but not Alex and Rop is enough evidence of Congress Malfeasance.