Wednesday, December 08, 2010

greenpeace opposes nuke deal with sarkozy

dec 8th, 2010
all nuke deals are bad news. nuke is the wrong way to spend money for future energy needs.
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Hi Rajeev Srinivasan,

Profit comes before public safety for our government. They have signed a pact with France to get faulty nuclear reactors from their nuclear corporation Areva, which has a track record of causing nuclear contamination..

This plant is coming up in Maharastra's Ratnagiri district and is being opposed by people across the region and the country. The location for this reactor is on a high earthquake zone which has been ignored by the environmental impact assessment. This raises concerns about the safety of people around the plant.

After all this, the government is still getting this untested technology and undermining the safety of its people. Over 28,000 people including me have already signed a petition asking Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to place lives of people before profit. More signatures on this petition will add strength to the opposition and help put pressure on the PM to take some action.

Can you also add your signature to this petition?

The petition says: Put Indian lives above foreign profits -- Stop the import of dangerous nuclear reactors to Maharashtra.

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san said...

I'm supportive of nuclear power, as it's just about the only power source that's industrially scaleable to our needs that doesn't emit greenhouse gases. India's nuclear program is also vital to its national security, and a thriving civilian power sector can only help it technologically.

The problem with greenpeace is that they don't have to contend with the responsibilities of economic growth and development.

Nuclear power is one of the key things critical to vault India forward into the industrial age, to raise the Indian standard of living upto first world levels.

nizhal yoddha said...

san, i totally disagree. nuclear power is intended to enrich the kkkangress and its netas via large 'commissions'. $10 billion here and $10 billion there, and soon we're talking real money, and the 25% kickbacks are real money too.

there is no way india will ever get enough uranium to run these. the aussies and canadians will have india by the short and curlies. "no uranium if you as much as sneeze", they'll say.

and you think india's valiant foreign office types (see how they did not even react to meera shankar being humiliated in public) will lift a finger?

not to mention how our friendly
'green terrorists' will be looking on the nuclear power plants as '9/11 everyday! thank you, god!'

the only solution for india is solar power. we will be rich in it. if we can use solar for most of our household and transportation needs, we could reserve our coal and oil plants for industrial purposes, until such time as solar gains traction in industrial-strenght energy intensity with new capacitors etc.