Wednesday, December 01, 2010

deepak chopra is a creep

dec 1, 2010

deepak chopra is a first-class dipweed, should join 
. blabbering about yoga & 'vasudhaiva kutumbakam'


Harish said...

Someone should send the following to that idiot and to the other idiots always misquoting "vasudhaiva kutumbakam":

Jatin said...

Chopra is a stinky spiritual fart who likes to raise dust storms of controversies - by the same means. Unless it is realized that the sense of Indian nationalism is closely associated with Hinduism, such and other pseudo seculars (who are dime a dozen in India) are going to barter away all that is "Hindu" - and of Hindu origin.

slim_shady said...

Slim's comment on the article:

It's amazing how just a couple of ridiculous essays can make you lose all respect for a person.

I strongly recommend readers to see Washington Post below with Chopra being squarely bested by Aseem Shukla of the HAF in the very same debate. Of course, it's easier to 'win' a debate without rebuttals.


And now, in desperatio­n, he's trying to confuse the question of origin with that of proprietor­ship. Tell us, Chopra, who 'owns' the number zero, the steam engine, and insulin?

After milking millions using Indian and Hindu practices of Yoga, Chopra tries to obfuscate their origin rather than give credit where it's due. It's easy to get away with it too in a country full of colonized minds. Maybe he's planning to run for Office in India, where offending Hindus makes sense. Similar to Bobby Jindal and Nikki Haley having to bible-thum­p their way into Office. Or maybe his book numbers are just down in Louisiana.

Or maybe he prefers we become like Koreans -- abandon your own religion and praise the European or Whatever Lord. Christian Yoga, anyone?

Surely leading by example:

(a) "There was bread and wine before the Last Supper, flies and frogs before the curses that Jehovah visited on Egypt and Yoga before Hinduism"

(b) "which preceded Shiva, Krishna, cows and castes"

Shame on you, Chopra. People like you make it ever more disgracefu­l to be considered Indian.

slim_shady said...

Which I think they are trying to delete.

mayura said...

Deepak Chopra is a teflon Indian, does not stick to anything...I once saw this give some asinine answers on quantum theory..he apparently did not know much about quantum theory but tried to talk his way through with interviewer who happened to be a physics professor. The Chopra's, Sri Sri Ravishankar's of the art of lying etc are all a disgrace to the sanatana dharma and are more dangerous than the padres/mullas.