Monday, December 06, 2010

Can Turkey Displace Saudi Influence in Pak

The WikiLeaks disclosures seem to have revealed that the US interest in seeing Turkey's influence in Pak rise to displace the huge influence wielded by Saudi Arabia there. I think that India should support the rise of Turkey to offset Saudi Arabia, and that we can only benefit from this.


Inferno said...

Have no delusions. When the time comes, the Turks will shed their moderate face and become active Jihadists. They are currently as active as anyone else in the Islamization of Europe. Better to support the Kurds in the break-up of Eastern Turkey.

Inferno said...

"It's kind of perverse. When the U.S. economy is doing badly, the dollar goes up and when the economy is doing well, the dollar goes down."

M. Patil said...

I agree with Inferno, here. Turkey's moderate mask is quite thin. They are no less fanatic, just more sophisticated.

Kurdistan should be a separate country. That would reduce adventurism amongst Turks.