Tuesday, August 02, 2005

why china has been trying to bury the 'india' brand with the 'south asia' crap

aug 2

china has a poor brand image, which is why they are attempting to hurt india's brand any way possible.

branding is very key to long-term success. it is china that has consistently done the 'south asia' bullshit and advised the pakistanis to scream and shout and get the white guys (bbc, cnn etc.) to use this incredibly inane term.

they are trying to get the following done:

indian elephant -> asian elephant
indian lion -> asian lion
indian subcontinent -> 'south asian' subcontinent
indian ocean -> 'south asian' ocean
india -> 'south asia'

fortunately, it is becoming clear to lots of people that 'south asian' = pakistani by another name, especially after their success at negative branding via the 7/7 attack on london.

meanwhile back at the ranch the chinese are manufacturing this new brand called 'greater china' which includes all spaces where chinese-origin people live.

we are not pushing the existing 'greater india' brand which was current until the 1930s or so, which indicated india's cultural hinterland, southeast asia, tibet, etc. as part of an organic whole.

indians suck big time at marketing and branding.

at the moment, 'made in china' = cheap shit, but they will upgrade their capability. note that the ipod says on it, 'designed in california, made in china', to get away from the cheap shit branding.

indians have to get this 'designed in india' branding going pretty darn quickly.

oops... forgot to add the link i intended to: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/articleshow/msid-1188055,curpg-1.cms


Anonymous said...


Parts of Ipod were, in fact, designed in India:


You are absolutely right about the branding. Indians must aggressively campaign for bulding a strong India brand. I absolutely hate that South Asia crap - why would we want to associate ourselves with terrorist mullahcracies?

Anand Rajadhyaksha said...

Containment is a term foreign to the Indian psyche at large. Sure, Indians do it to each other, business houses leveraging govt contacts to restrict one another is old hat. But a whole nation engaging into containment practices is something Indians on the whole cannot understand.

That is why we cannot grasp that Pakistan was created and sustained by USA to bleed India economically, so that the money which could have been used for development was diverted to fight terrorism. The cost to both Pakistan and USA was minimal compared to the losses inflicted.

China of course, joined in the fun, Pakistan was already set up in the terror business and was looking for additional sponsors, and China was glad to oblige.

Anonymous said...

The chinese state oil company withdrew its bid for Unocal today. the last few weeks chinese companies have tried to buy Maytag and UNOCAL of US and MG Rover of Britain. all of them dying or almost dead companies or brand names. They suceeded in buying MG ROver, for a paltry sum.what is interesting about the unsolicited bids on UNOCAL and Maytag was that they seemed to made by state owned companies. and from our own experience of public sector companies, we know that rarely such decisions are purely business plans. and infact these smell of chinese communist politburo's (or whatever it is called ) decision. UNOCAL's bid was withdrawn after intense political heat here in the US. it is good to think that the chinese backed off. but it would also be an underestimation of the chinese if we think so. ultimately their unsolicited bid led Chevron to present a better offer. and then make them take over UNOCAL which has diwndling oil reserves. maybe all this was a bid to weaken Chevron than to takeover Unocal. the urge of the chinese communists to dominate the world should not be underestimated.
speaking of branding, china to market HongKong calls it 'one countruy two (political )systems' the branding sounds so similar to
"seperate but equal'systems of segregated US in the 60s and earlier as well as aprtheid south africa. maybe we should brand our goods 'made in democractic india'

raven said...

What's an asian lion?

Anonymous said...

Just when you think this idiot couldn’t possibly go any lower, he does. It takes a twisted and depraved mindset to call for Muslim terrorist attacks on others when your own people (who he claims to champion) are supposed to be suffering from them.
But on a second thought, I pity him. It must be painful being an “Indian Nationalist”. The Aryan Invasion Theory must tear at his heart everyday. Sure he can lie to himself and google for obscure webpages that claim against all linguistic and scientific evidence that somehow the invasion never occurred. But since he is reasonably educated, deep inside, he knows that these are just idiotic lies invented to satisfy some wounded egos that can never stand up to rigorous scrutiny and that the Indian civilization was not created by indigenous Indians. This, I believe is what makes Srinivasan such a pathetic and twisted person.
But this is becoming pretty obvious as even his fellow Indian nationalists on this board are starting to question his insane “foaming at the mouth” harangues.