Tuesday, August 16, 2005

morgan stanley: on singapore-india trade pact

aug 16th

if the singaporeans can get over their sniffy chinese racism (lee kuan yew once said that if singapore had a majority indian population it would never have progressed, although he has been singing a different tune lately) this agreement could be useful. singaporeans have bloodied their noises and lost a fair amount of money in china, so they are a little less cocky these days.



Anil Kurnool said...

Though the deal is a welcome, I experience - first hand - the racism of Chinese everyday here.

Any common Singaporean has a image that all Indians are here (in Singapore) to take up the IT jobs, make money and go away.

"You work in IT laa" is a often heard remark when they talk to Indian guy here.

Though not shown so blatently, we (Indians) are given a shade worse treatment here.

Chennai chatter said...

It is not the racism here that really bothers you, but the fact that it comes from CHINESE!!!! The people here have been pampered to no ends, and they are made to believe that they are the best. I have always wondered how such a small state (sized less than b'lore) can come up so fast, and the answer is simple - The people are dumb. They believe what the senior authorities say...and thinking out of the box is at times considered derrogatory. It works like a family run business thats inevitably capitalistic, without caring for the needs of the workers..(Locals). Best way is to make as much money as possible and get the hell out!