Tuesday, August 16, 2005

bloomberg on satyam's rural BPO initiative

aug 16th

good stuff, this rural extension of the BPO boom



Dric said...


Seen this:


NEW DELHI: The Government said on Tuesday that it would "immediately" take steps to fulfil its commitment to reservation in educational institutions. ...............

These people are trying to find ways to negate the SC order on Reservation.They may as well do that.From politics of apology top politics of reservation!!I am expecting reservation to be a major issue in the coming days.

Anway here is one of the saner editorials from the "The Hindu"


...."The Bench has taken the reasonable view that there must be no encroachment on the right to start institutions or curbs on functional autonomy, when no aid is sought; state-administered quotas that take away a part of the intake capacity are therefore untenable."..............

Dric said...

Good deal for India Post:


Postman to verify your address for credit card and cell phone companies.

I think Indiapost can also take up tasks like census,voter registration and citizen ID cards.

The poor post man ofcourse should get better salary and proper means of transport.

But there good chances that the postman may collude with the local to authenticate fake addresses!!

Dric said...


Another landmark judjement by SC...islamic coutrs are illegal.But how were they set up in the first place.I think Congies and pinkos will try to negate this order too....