Tuesday, August 02, 2005

oracle buys i-flex

aug 2nd

i dont know whether to celebrate or weep.

here's india's ONLY genuinely world-class software products company, and it's being bought out. sigh!

what made i-flex successful where no other indian company has been able to replicate its success?

i think the answer is 'channels' and 'reach'. marketing, in other words. citigroup was an excellent channel for it to get to market. most indian firms fail (at least in the IT product sector) in marketing. they are technically skilled aplenty, can't market or sell well in the global market.



Niketan said...

Now this is surprising news. What exactly is Oracle hoping to achieve. I flex has its own portfolio of products that are very disctinct from Oracle's. Most likely it seems that Oracle is trying to oust IBM and SAP from the banking sector. Will this be a success. For one thing Oracle seems to have made too many acquisitions. The track record of companies making too many acquisitions has not been good - Computer Associates, Baan, i2 etc. We have to wait and see if Oracle can execute well.

Anonymous said...

1) Ramco Systems is the original INDIAN Software (Business Application) Products company. Its still standing!!

2) To my knowledge, Cisco Systems is the best company when it comes to integrating the acquired company with its own culture, product offerings etc. Oracle may acquire other companies like Peoplesoft, iFlex etc. But, we need to wait and watch how good they are when it comes to the integration part!!