Sunday, August 07, 2005

daily times of pak: muslim doublespeak

aug 7th

takes guts for a muslim to say this in pakistan about how they should give up on their ummah and concentrate on being good citizens of their country. forget what's happening to some random muslim somewhere else. their problems are their problems and let them solve them.

such a refreshing counter to the gandhian blunder of supporting the khilafat movement which was worried about the replacement of the caliph in far-off turkey. in response, muslims in malabar went on a dance of death in 1921 and killed, raped, converted 10,000 completely un-involved hindus. of course, that brought the caliph back to power in turkey. what do you mean, it didn't?

thanks to reader arvind for forwarding this.


Anonymous said...

Hadn't heard abt this, but seems terrorists in Assam are getting Chinese bombs....

Anand Rajadhyaksha said...

Fantastic article by Razi Azmi

san said...

Indians like to talk about providing cheaper satellite launches for the international market. But could Indian technicians one day be sequencing people's genomes for them at lower cost?

Here's a powerful new technique which has just been invented. If Indians could come up with their own version of this technique, then the market would be wide open to them, given India's low-cost advantages for hi-tech work. Comments?

Toney said...

Great article by Azmi. Makes total sense.
A part of his article struck me, though. It says about how the US controlled Latin America using its military might. Now, from the time of independance, if we Indians had adopted a similar policy, I think the likes of Bangladesh, (now Bhutan with its king planning on ceding part of the kingdom to China!!), hostile Nepal and Pakistan wouldnt have bothered us so much today. But then, I guess, unlike the US, we have to content with China's might.