Tuesday, August 09, 2005

indian express: 'dravidians' fiddle, india burns

aug 7th

the sethusamudram project is a 'dravidian' thing for that exercrable t. baalu, who is a hindu-hater. he once told a christian fundamentalist audience that he was ashamed to have been born a hindu.

the idea is multifold: a. destroy the ancient rama's bridge from the mahabharata times
b. give his pet port in tuticorin a boost. incidentally, for this purpose, he recently axed the proposal for a deep-water container terminal at vizhinjam, trivandrum. this container port would have competed with tuticorin, which is a minor port. vizhinjam, with 56 feet depth near shore -- this is the highest draught available on the west coast, even greater than karwar, where the new indian naval station is -- would have been able to capture a lot of the container ships that now go to colombo or to singapore since they cannot be docked in india, and the containers are then transferred to smaller ships that can dock in southern india.

these dmk types will destroy india for the momentary glory of some obscure part of tamil nadu. they cannot see beyond narrow-minded tamil concerns. of course, baalu will be happy to be a christian tamil, if he's not already one. like most of the tamil tiger leaders are too: velupillai prabhakaran, methodist. anton balasingham, catholic. and so on.


hindu said...

You would find tamils on top of the 'chauvanists of the world' world. That balu guy is becoming such a pain in the butt. Another one like him is this Vaiko guy. He tried to stall indo-lankan defence pact talks as they were inimical to LTTE. The security implications of the LTTE having acquired two planes and also built a runway is huge. Also china is buying bases all around india. How more narrow minded and un-nationalistic can these people be?

Anonymous said...

interesting aside..am not too sure about the chinese base camps around india or whatever...just plain old business...if i'm not wrong balu has a fleet of trawling vessels...and that's big business..and wouldn't this help business apart from helpin in some good ol' hindu bashing

siva said...

dear chanakya,

let me start with first saying i am tamil. i cannot agree with you on your observation that "tamils on top of the 'chauvanists of the world' world". i am not going to defend each and every one as there may be some morons in any ethnic, linguist or religious group. but to accuse the whole tamil world because of the actions of a few is unjust. what ever may one say about tamils, but one thing they cannot be accused of is being a chavunist.

there is a saying in tamil that says vanthari vazha vaikum thamizhagam, which roughly translate to every visitor will be allowed to live prosperously in tamilnadu. best examples I can give you from top of my head are mgr (malayale) and rajini kanth (marathi from karnataka). these two leading non tamil personalities wouldn't have attained the stature without the support of tamils. mgr was the former matinee idol turned chief minister, who by the way was the longest serving cm of tn till date and another is the current matinee idol super star rajini kanth. some also say current cm jayalalitha is a kannadiga. this goes to prove that tamils are not chavunistic. this is just name calling that serves no one except for those with vested interests. i am sure you may not be aware of these facts and you are just repeating the assertions of those with vested interest, like say may be politicians. tamils are just proud of their language and heritage just like anybody else and for that matter every body should be like that but with a balanced head and mind.

regarding the actions of vaiko, i don't think he did that for helping the chinese or him being an anti national. (fyi vaiko is not a tamil, he is a telugu settled in tn long ago, as is the mentor to all these morons, evr.) vaiko might have done that because he thought that might not be very beneficial to tamils there. i am sure our moron babus in delhi cannot draft any deals that will be beneficial to india either, recent example, squandering our national security to the missionary dog bush.

so please stop these name calling and i would appreciate if you can retract your statement, if you happen to read this.

ps: i am not defending karunanidhi or balu or vaiko here, they are just politicians and i am sure every state has a fare share of their own karnanidhis and balus.


siva said...

siva again here

i forgot to add that i completely agree with rajeev, again. these dmk dogs not only cannot see beyond narrow-minded tamil concerns, they have no vision at all. all they want to do is play politics and be in power and make money. if karnanidhi wants to promote tamil and tamilians interest he sould first ban his family run sun tv. they are the primary butchers of tamil language.

karunanidhi is just another calculating politician who will not hesitate to stab on the back of another fellow tamilian he claims to protect if that promotes his interest. remember how he remained silent and did not support when his so called fellow tamilian moopanar wanted to become prime minister after gowda's fall.

Anonymous said...

Recently a great tamil soul - Illayaraja released his 'Thiruvasagam' symphony (hymns to Lord Shiva). This is marketed by a missionary- Fr Gasper Raj- who is a vocal supporter of LTTE.

I respect Tamils and their culture but I wonder why the missionary is showing too much interest in Lord Shiva's hymns? can anyone throw some light?


Anonymous said...


I am from Coimbatore and just have one problem with your comment. Cochin could have become a great container port and goods from cities like Coimbatore could have been exported thru' Cochin instead of Tuticorin as Cochin is closer. Unfortunately the militant unions and labor problems make Cochin an unreliable, uneconomic and inefficient port. If Cochin had developd we would not be talking about Tuticorin or Trivandrum.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Chanakya,

// 'chauvanists of the world' //

You can't even spell the word right. :))

Anonymous said...

people outside of TN can look at the dravidian movement and think that it doesn affect them. but what is true is that this bunch of thugs have caused a whole population to be indoctrinated. th thugs oppose hindi not because every linguistic group should have a say in their own matters , but because they think that it is not hindi but tamil that should be the national language( meaning every indian should learn tamil). it is such jingoism and misplaced imperialistic attitudes of the dravidian thugs that india is like this.any way now every indian language can go to hell because , for every indian now, English is the passport to prosperity. and the dravidian thugs having also converted every one in south TN to christianity can not have to deal with anything hindu. my prediction is that next thing in the social agenda(which has included replacing hindu gods with the language goddess tamil) of the rogues will be to convert the tamil language goddess to mary matha ( u go to tuticorin and ask for the directions for 'periya koyil', u will be directed to the shiny church in the town centre)

Anonymous said...


Can you be less malayali for a second ? can you think other than your home state ? if you had spoken about lets say Orisa instead of Thiruvanathapural , I would have agreed to you but while trying to talk to about the a dmk politician's tamil affinity , you choose to talk about a project which is going to benefit your kerala. When an IIT Stanford educated thinker is so mean , what can i expect from t r balu ?

Anonymous said...


Can you be less malayali for a second ? can you think other than your home state ? if you had spoken about lets say Orisa instead of Thiruvanathapural , I would have agreed to you but while trying to talk to about the a dmk politician's tamil affinity , you choose to talk about a project which is going to benefit your kerala. When an IIT Stanford educated thinker is so mean , what can i expect from t r balu ?

Anonymous said...

Technical specifications (like depth near shore) at Vizhinjam, Thiruvanathapuram is more ideal for an international port than the other ports mentioned. Any educated technocrat would have chosen Thiruvanathapuram over the other two, which dont meet the minimum specifications. But the political compulsions and foolishness of certain vested interests gave the ports to un-deserving cities.

-Citizen from the city of Lord Anantha (Thiru-ananthapuram)

Anonymous said...

Hi Citizen from the city of Lord Anantha ,

FYI, Cochin has been a port for a long time, evn before the British came. I don't think Thiruvanthapuram has any history of being a port, which Tuticorin has. If the depth of water was the only consideration, then we should be looking for the greatst depth. Thiruvanthapuram is at one end and is not a logical port as it doesn't have good links to other places in South India.


Anonymous said...

1)Vizhinjam port is also there, so TVPM has also got its history in Port.
But Containter transhipment terminal is not there either in TVPM or Kochi (it's only coming to Vallarpadom) now.
2)Depth of Shore, facilitates the bigger container ships to the port. Now most of the international ships are moving to Colombo. Here is an article to refer:

TVPM resident

Anonymous said...

Hello friends

IMHO kerala is the least industrialzed states in south India. Leave heavy industries, Kerala has not been able to even emulate the service industry revolution happening in all the three surrounding states. WHY THE F&^% do you guys want the government to make a town at a location which geographically away from most parts of India to be a major port ?

First u guys stop following the communist and set up s/w parks , give job to ur youth and then lets discuss abt huh ports .....

why dont u focus on at least the toursim industry ?


Anonymous said...

only sex and hawala tourism thrives in Kerala under communist jehadis and Oomen chandy's Christian Taliban.

Anonymous Abraham said...

The first software park in the nation was established in Thiruvananthapuram.

"only sex and hawala tourism thrives in Kerala under communist jehadis..."

And under the BJP they will create the Ram temple in Thiruvananthapuram thus giving alternate employment to jobless youth all over the country

nizhal yoddha said...

couple of comments: generally india tries to set up new things as far away from pakistan as possible. hence the fast breeder reactor at kalpakkam, chennai, not that chennai has any particular competitive advantage otherwise. the southern air command is in trivandrum, again for the same reason of distance from pakistan.

as far as ports are concerned, one of the biggest criteria is draught or depth of seawater near shore. the greater this is, the lesser the dredging necessary and the larger the ship (including oil tankers known as VLCCs) that can dock there. vizhinjam has this great advantage. there is not a single port in india that can accommodate a giant oil-tanker today.

historically speaking, the greatest ports on the west coast were bharucch (broach) in gujarat, kodungalloor (muziris) in kerala, and the famed ophir which nobody quite knows for sure where it was. it is believed by many that ophir was poovar, which is next to vizhinjam.

cochin became a great port after an earthquake caused the river periyar to change course, leaving muziris high and dry and opening an outlet to the sea at cochin.

the west coast is a better location for ports because it is not affected usually by the hurricanes that plague the east coast.

on the tamil nadu west coast there is also the port of colachel which has potential.

tuticorin has nothing in particular to recommend it, and its hinterland has little by way of exports that cannot easily go to either cochin or chennai. it is deservedly a minor port, as compared to the great port at vishakhapatnam and the artificial (dredged) port at chennai.

the great historical ports on the east coast were mamallapuram and poompuhar/kaveripoompattinam in tamil nadu and a kalinga port in orissa whose name escapes me for the moment.

Akshat said...

Dear Rajeev, ur articles always are enlightening and thought provoking.

Reading the comments about this particular post, I realised that there's a lot of fuss about the dravidian-aryan conflict. I thought that this theory had been discredited.

I would be obliged if you were to give your take on this subject, as it has got me quite foxed.

sathya prakash said...

If u dont know about something, you better not talk about it. I could see that very few in this page understand the meaning of dravidam.
I am a tamil, from coimbatore. dravidan is a person who speaks tamil and follows the high principles as stated in old tamil literatures....like thiruvasagam, thirukural, thrivarutpa, etc...even though these literatures belong to different sects like saivam( siva worship) or vaishnavam (vishnu worship).
It is a very bad habit to talk dravidian as bad, since its the name of our whole community.(like marathas for marathi,..etc). I've also noticed that DMK, ADMK, MDMK parties are assumed as representatives of drvidian...i dont know how it came to existence. These are only those people who took advantage of the dravidian concept for political reasons.