Tuesday, August 02, 2005

AEI: pentagon understating the chinese threat

aug 2

yet more on the 'peaceful rise' of china. (ROTFL, rolling on the floor laughing)


american conservatives are beginning to get scared.

of course the yanks don't see the strategic encirclement of india as part of their litany of chinese wickedness.

can't blame them, actually, when india's nehruvian stalinists and marxists are happy about this encirclement too.

i note the infiltration of bhutan, thanks to reader dric: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/articleshow/msid-1187893,curpg-3.cms

i also got confirmation from well-connected sources that there was in fact a chinese pact with the maldives to lease one of their islands. this was reversed after some hectic negotiation by the indian government. why on earth does china want a maldivian island other than to complete its encirclement of india?

china is an imperial power, no question about it. their entire history is imperialistic, and with the kind of jingoism they instil into their children, and the 30 million excess men they have to kill off, there is no question china will go to war if allowed to get away with their nonsense. as someone said, they are using tibet as a 17,500 foot high launch platform for ICBMs, so america had better beware. they are not kidding about sending nukes to los angeles and 'hundreds of american cities'.

time for the excellent american skills at financial warfare. bring on wall street! but the chinese are going to be tougher customers than the japanese, as the chinese have no scruples whatsoever and are also willing to gamble.

it is now time to begin the kind of total war the chinese have declared as their strategy: indians are utter fools to not inflict pain right back on them. isn't it really strange that, though they are pretty mean to their muslims, there have been no major terrorist strikes in china? isn't that very peculiar and isn't it high time said muslims struck back, like the chechens? how about india supplying uighur muslims with plenty of weapons with 'made in pakistan' markings on them (kill two birds with one stone)? or with chinese currency printed in india that can be traced back to pakistan? the uighurs might like to help create a major 'accident' on the showpiece maglev train in shanghai. a couple of nukes to vietnam? a treaty with taiwan offering them indian manufacturing skills would be good (they are looking to diversify anyway). other things that actually inflict pain on china for what they do to india would be quite salutary, instead of bhai-bhai idiocy.


Raghu said...


You don't even have to do all that to China. All you have to do is show that you are serious. Hit Pakistan, Chinese will learn a lesson. Or at least Bangladesh. Show that we don't tolerate nonsense, and when push comes to shove, we have the guts to hit back. But, what can you expect from a country who is shockingly scared of even Bangladesh....


Kaunteya said...

isn't it really strange that, though they are pretty mean to their muslims, there have been no major terrorist strikes in china?

yea strange it is. I thought of the same point in my own blog post at
We Need more KPS Gills

Terrorists wouldn't attack China. Because they will not get the same publicity thats available in democratic nations (owing to the Free Press). The larger design of the jihadis is to create terror in hearts of the general people more than actually killing them.
In the context of London bombings, lot of analysts have said that the sequel had a larger effect than the first attack. Terrorists strive on fear. That's their real victory.

Anonymous said...


Surprised that you are wondering about the Islamists being soft on China. The Sino-Islamist axis is a reality with the Pakis acting as pimps. Both represent a totatilatrian ideology which demands total submission to the State/Ummah and their hatred for the West. Samuel Huntington predicted this in Clash of Civilization way back in 1995. He said that all freedom loving people should unite and fight against this menace. I think India holds the trump card in this Great Game. The recent India-US deal gives just a hint of the things to come.

nizhal yoddha said...

anon, it was a rhetorical question, i wanted to point out this curious fact, sort of like the 'singular incident of the dog in the night-time'. islamists are not very fond of godless marxists, and usually shoot them as soon as they can (eg. najibullah in afghanistan). so why are they so fond of the godless chinese? ergo, there is an "understanding" between the ISI and china.

i have been using the term 'sino-islamic axis' since 1998, i just found out with a google search. i fully believe this is calculated policy. the chinese give the ISI all sorts of goodies like nukes and missiles, and in return, they keep the uighurs quiet. so much for islamic brotherhood!

note that china in each of the last three years has executed more people than the rest of the world put together, and a lot of those executed have been uighurs and tibetans. pakistani hearts do not bleed for executed uighur muslims.

nizhal yoddha said...

kaunteya, same answer. it is not because of the publicity factor. it is because islamists have been ordered not to attack china, by their handlers in pakistan and saudi arabia. bad form attacking a fellow-member of the axis of evil.

nizhal yoddha said...

raghu, it's true that india exhibiting some backbone would be such an unexpected surprise that the chinese would be shocked into doing no mischief for a day or two. but they couldn't care less about pakistan or bangladesh being hurt, they view pakistanis and all other islamists as expendable in the pursuit of chinese world domination. heck, they view 500 million chinese as expendable in said pursuit. they would not mind losing that many people -- good riddance, don't need to feed them and listen to their endless whining. provided they succeed in becoming Masters of the Universe.

so the trick is to really hurt china where they will lose face. sabotage at the 2008 olympics would be excellent.

although the chinese may sabotage the olympics themselves by being totally jingoistic. i read an article about an basketball match recently between china and puerto rico in china, where the chinese (players and spectators) were so ill-behaved it became a serious brawl and a bit of a national disgrace.

Anonymous said...

This is anon. Thanks for the clarification.

Some more thoughts on this. I believe there are two major important power centers in Pakistan.

#1. Military and the English-speaking elite which is pampered by US by all sorts of sop (weapons, place in U.S. thinktanks like Brooklings), basically used like a condom.

#2. The ISI-Islamist nexus which was propped up by Regan during Afghan-Soviet war was used even by Clinton where he allowed Hamid Gul to bring in Pakis/Arabs to Bosnia to fight against the Serbs. Ofcourse, they have since fallen apart and out against each other. The Paki military establishment lost control of this nexus and is now firmly managed by Gul.

Now China is playing a similar game. While it is pampering the military with many sops (JF-17, Gwadar and repainted "Gauri" missiles) to contain India, the deal with the Islamists is to go after the West.

Hope to see more posts on this subject.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you Rajeev. But, a couple of Nukes to Vietnam is not gonna deter the chinese. If we do something, we gotta do a thorough job. Do the same thing with vietnam, that the chinese did to the pakis. Can we get a base in Mongolia to start with? Adhere to one-china policy, but with the nationalists in Taiwan ruling the whole of china! We must also have a clear objective of what we want in our future war with the chinese. Liberation of Tibet, and securing the water sources there for our good( I have read all your articles- this one pertaining to Tibetan source of our rivers). I strongly urge you to maybe team up with like-minded folks like Brahma Chellaney and influence our highest policy making decisions, whilst you continue your excellent eye-opening posts.


Anonymous said...

Just curious. These are just questions and not suggestions or reasons for anything.

1. How many members who post on the web about patriotism and india should do this and india should do that, have actually voted in an election? I have not and though I have lot of excuses, the bottomline is I think I failed as a citizen.

2. How many indians who post 'patriotic' messages are willing to sacrifice their lives. Sending bytes across the wires for your country, any monkey can do, are you willing to spill blood?

3. As an example, How many members got incensed and did something when Shankaracharya was arrested? By 'something' I mean that which would make the fat bitch sit up and take notice? (Since I am under the impression that lot of people reading this blog are Hindus) Is anyone here willing to fight for Kashmiris rather than attend seminars and get angry at terrorism??? I am not AT THIS POINT in time. So I blame myself for those bastards winning.

4. How many people are willing to take leave for a week (or give up their dollar-jobs for a week), demonstrate effectively, pull the government up, threaten them etc. Are you ready to do a French revolution kind of thing if need be? Even though it might be considered 'un-civilized' now, FR was a necessity for its times.

Socrates said 'People get the government they deserve" (or something to that effect). Does it hold true?

I believe democracy is not some magic machine or perpetual machine that works just because you call it a democracy. THE PEOPLE need to make it work and not the politicians. Am I wrong in that thought?

Anonymous said...

Playing right into the Chinese hands these Dravidian politicians.

Anonymous said...

Here is an article from Japan Times analyzing the relationship between China & Russia and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization: http://www.japantimes.co.jp/cgi-bin/geted.pl5?eo20050801a1.htm

It concludes with the following:

Whatever the U.S. thinks, it has become clear that the Russia-China alliance has moved to a higher level and that, together, they have become a force to be reckoned with in global affairs. It has also become clear that India has become a major player, and that Pakistan and Japan are now only bit players.

The direction in which the international order now moves will be determined by the U.S., China, India and maybe Russia.

Anonymous said...

Just when you think this idiot couldn’t possibly go any lower, he does. It takes a twisted and depraved mindset to call for Muslim terrorist attacks on others when your own people (who he claims to champion) are supposed to be suffering from them.
But on a second thought, I pity him. It must be painful being an “Indian Nationalist”. The Aryan Invasion Theory must tear at his heart everyday. Sure he can lie to himself and google for obscure webpages that claim against all linguistic and scientific evidence that somehow the invasion never occurred. But since he is reasonably educated, deep inside, he knows that these are just idiotic lies invented to satisfy some wounded egos that can never stand up to rigorous scrutiny and that the Indian civilization was not created by indigenous Indians. This, I believe is what makes Srinivasan such a pathetic and twisted person.
But this is becoming pretty obvious as even his fellow Indian nationalists on this board are starting to question his insane “foaming at the mouth” harangues.

Anonymous said...

And u pity Rajiv ? ohhh..
let me check who you are and what is your status....
stall all business activities in states like kerala
carry out strike for each and every petty issues
Then put all these ideologies in a box and keep it SAFELY in the cupboard and go to gulf to serve AS A SLAVE to the petrol masters..
and read the news that those who does strike has been butchered in china...
And while being treated as a slave outside india, write in a pseudo name
Maoputra to justify the ideologies..

Grow up man... After all Rajiv dont write his articles in pseudo names..


Toney said...

Rajeev's comments abt China are only just some plain facts. I was disapppointed that he did not concentrate on the Bhutan issue. But (and I am trying to be practical hhere), there is no point to even talk abt containing China militarily. Those guys have no ethics.
Instead, what we,as clever people should do is try to contain them economically. For that, we have to change our mindset and also get rid of the Chinese amongst us, particularily in Kerala and Bengal.