Thursday, August 18, 2005

economist: china is getting more authoritarian

aug 18th

amazing! who'd've thought they'd become more totalitarian? certainly not the rose-colored-glasses economist of yore.

the sad fact though is that this is exactly what the upa, the congress and the left are doing in india as well. all liberalization is out the window so that there is no way to make any progress for the masses. we will soon be back to the nehruvian rate of growth.

there was an excellent article by a former director of an economic think tank which said something to the effect that the marxist tack in w bengal has been to prevent all progress until their cadres have completely taken over the state, and now they are trying to bring in investment. that is, no mere election is going to dislodge them. it would be really ironic if the bangladeshi muslims they have imported in large numbers start killing them for being godless communists. you must have noted the simultaneous bomb blasts in bangladesh demanding more islamism.

if bengalis are so prone to marxism, how come there aren't any in bangladesh? answer: the islamists there have killed them all or pushed them into india. besides, in a startling display of casteism, the uppercaste bhadralok w bengali moshoi of the cpim does not care about the lowercaste hindus being killed steadily in bangladesh.

the same is true in kerala too. the uppercaste and high-sudra cpim leaders are perfectly happy when the low-sudra thiyya/ezhavas who form their support base are killed in droves.


Anonymous said...

It is not caste of Bharat, they survived that way for many more centuries without being driven out. The fact is that these Marxists are demagouges, they just need a slogan to capture without descrimination. Most of the Bengali hindus are under the spell of marxists.

Anonymous said...

I was reading a book of a 18th century Bengali religious leader, who has accepted all that has been dictated as should be. This guy talked of all reform, criticized hindus and inspite of that mentioned that no body has a good word for hindus, this a cetury before ! He said that if hindus don't unite then they will not exist. Intrestingly, that is exactly what happened in Bangaladesh, and Bengalis helped themselves with that, check some of their famous who have been driven out of Bangaladesh. These morons preach to other Indians as something India will follow Bengal! Disastrous indeed ! This guy has some so called Ashrams outside Bangladesh, and is not famous as Swami Vivekananda. I think Bengalis have gone through tormenting times, each time feeling they are better off because of their slavery and displacement.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rajeev,

Did you see this:

It says that Bin Laden may already have a nuke in the US.

I dont know if this is to be believed.

If this stories are true then the world is set for a disaster in the near future.

Sameer said...

Hi Rajeev,

Its nice reading ur posts...
Well, dont know whether this comment suits the article or not, but I just wanted to vent my frustration...
Lately I see The TOI getting too marxist and openly anti-nationalistic and anti-hindu....
(Well, I am forced to read the idiotic thing at home, as our family subscribes this)
For example, the bitch Bachi Kakaria (Says shes a parsi, but I doubt shes a mussu) wrote some dirty anti-national thing telling whether patriotism has outlived itself and other things which try to (Hope they wont) instill dirty and anti-patriotic feelings among the readers.
And Deccsn chronicle where I read the bastard Kushwant singh write something dirty too.
The Pakistani randi ka aulaad (as he himself wrote that an irated reader wrote to him as, which I feel he really is...) writes all dirty anti-national stuff.....

Well, finally to close... the foreign press mentions the BJP as Hindu-national...good, the opposition naturally becomes anti-hindu-anti-national which is really true about them...... ha ha

Anonymous said...


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san said...

One of my favorite publications is The Onion. Here's an article from them parodying the fundamentalist assertion on Intelligent Design:

This one is worth a read. I got quite a laugh out of it. ;)

san said...

Here's the latest article from NYT, on India's moral values in relation to biotechnology:

While I'm in favor of stem cell research, and while the article was written by someone of Indian origin, it seems to caricature Indians as having lower respect for human life.