Tuesday, August 09, 2005

moi on rediff re the 7/7 bombings and related

aug 9th, nagasaki day. i have actually been to nagasaki a few times; there is a peace park there with many monuments from all over the world, but not from america.
i am not at all convinced that there was a need to bomb nagasaki. it was an instrument of terror, the atomic bomb.
there are no saints when it comes to large-scale terrorism, especially among the semitic/abrahamic types.


Anonymous said...

The British were apathetic, if not encouraging, to terrorist groups and their activities as long as it was not directed against them. An example was the LTTE, which had their top leaders in London for a long time, collecting/extorting money from SriLankan Tamilians residing in that part of the world. Is it finally that Karma is catching up with them?

Anonymous said...
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Sameer said...

Americans are the biggest terrorists in the world..
If not invading others using their force, they use their stooges like UN, World Bank or use armtwisting tactics.
The even use their churches to spy on others like in NE.
US is controlled by their powerful Christian lobby and so long as it doesnt break lose like Eurpoeans it will remain morally and spiritually backward. (Like a cowboy .....Bush type)
They bend rules as they wish.... they support one of the dirtiest regimes..Pakistan, Saudi Arabia etc.

san said...

A couple of students at IIT Kanpur have solved an age-old mathematical problem by finding a vastly simpler and better way to calculate prime numbers

S said...

No comments, the article was excellent. That there is no terrorist activity in china, that they don't attempt blow up the beijing subway means that the Islamists are political people in grab of religion ! Had there been an Ummah, they should have expressed outrage against the chinese by now! This Ummah they speak up is for their ulterior purpose.

Vivek ( Silicon Valley, USA) said...

Bloody marvellous. I too am a Hindu nationalist. I'm pretty proud of my religion.

Your article and the references totally uphold your point of view. Although I'm sad at people dying the Brits as well as the Americans totally had it coming for them. Now, I only wish the media and the Indian polity wakes up and stands in support against denigration of Hindu/ Indian nationalist pride.

Pakistan by all accounts is a failed state. There is no comparison between us Indians and the Pakis. It's just like equating rich folk with paupers. Muslims would do well to look into their own community and let go of their ghetto mentality lest some future terrorist act force US or some other countries to take extreme counter terrorist anti-Islamic psychological and physical warfare.

infww said...

Amazing piece that held my attention throughout!

Asynchronous said...

Hi, I liked your writings, I am completely in agreement about Pakistan being the terrorist incubator etc etc, but just curious about your theory about the 7/27 events, is it a hunch that ISI is involved or you have more credible evidence??


Anonymous said...

Rajeev, you say:
>>I hear the Americans have considered serious escalation in war-game scenarios. If there's another major attack on US soil, they may put these into effect. These scenarios up the ante quite a bit, and include substantial psychological warfare, aimed at demoralising terrorists from a religious perspective.

VERY VERY EXCITING...can you please point me where and what exaclty are the "counter terrorism measures for demoralising terrorists from a religious perspective"...?

thanks, Prasenjit, Toronto

Aruni Mukherjee said...

A point about Nagasaki-

While the bomb resulted in en masse deaths, a curious phenomenon to be noted is that the Japanese do not blame the Americans for the mishap. I have seen a number of interviews on television in which they categorically state that it was a war, and the US was within its rights to win the war no matter what. President Truman had anticipated large scale American deaths if mainland Japan were to be invaded. In any case, today's Japan owes a lot to the Americans who helped it rebuild itself after the war. A more mature approach is needed towards Hiroshima/Nagasaki than pure emotion-laden arguments.

On Terrorism-

A recent article of mine on Asia Times-


சுதர்சன் said...

//Welcome to the real world: many of us have lived with this sort of danger hanging over us for long. Now you Britons can enjoy the same.//

I liked this particular bit a lot. Well said.

S said...

Hi Rajeev,
I understand your opposition to terrorism and the bleeding hearts. Simultaneously I appreciate your efforts to sympathize with the lives and dignities of people irrespective of ideology, the following is very well said Strangely enough, India's army of bleeding-hearts and 'human rights' mafioso, including those who live in London, did not find this to be a serious ethical dilemma: they too don't want to die on the Tube in an explosion., the bleeding hearts can be concerned of dying in a tube blast.

Anonymous said...

I read with interest as a Londoner and was amused by the lack of relevance of this article as an Indian.

The suggestion that the East African communities are going to fall guys for the ISI in London is an interesting version of reality. However not one that many outside Mumbai subscribe to.

Being Muslim and warped cuts across borders and to automatically pull it back to Pakistan probaly lets slip the regional prism through which the author views the world.

On a personal note - the big struggle that all people from the ethnic minorities in UK face is being clubbed together with a small bunch of mad men.

Wearing a T-shirt saying 'trust me i am not a pakistani' OR 'i maybe brown but not a pakistani' is not going to solve anything.

Race relations in Britain faces a challenge. The need of the hour is to collaboratively confront these terrorists rather than smugly proclaim 'i told you it was them lot'.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rajeev,
I enjoy reading your articles.
When was the last terror attack in London prior to 7/7? and what was the typical response to those terror attacks? I wonder if there are different standards adopted now as far as measures like "shoot-to-kill" is concerned.

san said...

Another foolish belch from the Anonymouth. Going beyond T-shirts, here's a constructive idea from Salman Rushdie

World-reknowned novelist Salman Rushdie wants the Koran to be edited:

Rushdie is Calling for Koran to Be Revised

He wants the Koran to be upgraded and improved, to bring it in line with modern realities. Just like the reformist Vatican Council of the 1960s made significant changes to Catholic doctrine. Muslims will be encouraged to pray in local languages other than Arabic.

Thank goodness some Muslims are figuring out that it's time to move beyond the 7th Century, and get upto speed with the rest of us.

Anonymouth, the need of the hour is to make Islamists including Pakistani ones feel the social peer pressure from everyone around them, so that they'll mend their ways. People won't mend their ways until they feel the price of being wrong.

German politicians are proposing that security cameras be installed in mosques and that prayers be conducted in German, by law. That will convey an unequivocally strong feeling to the Muslim community that they had better take responsibility in policing their own, or else the rest of the world will do it for them.

Anonymous said...

OK so we are going to learn how to manage community relations from the Germans.

Excellent..why stop at video cameras in mosques..lets bring out some yellow...no perhaps green bits of cloth to wrap around our arms while we are at it......

San says "People won't mend their ways until they feel the price of being wrong."

The crucial word is the first one. Which people? How many of them? My view is that by alienating the entire muslim community we do more harm than good. Lets kick the shit out of the narrowminded
bigots/fanatics....no problem with that. However in the process let us not tarnish the entire muslim community in Britain.

Another interesting point is made by San:
"strong feeling to the Muslim community that they had better take responsibility in policing their own, or else the rest of the world will do it for them"

And how exactly will you police the "muslim community"? By bombing their countries ....well that has not solved anything has it.

Step pout of that COWBELT haze that you see the world through ...

Anonymous said...

It's really a shame. I think the cause of terror by muslims is due to a very narrow view of the world. They are the frogs in the well and they think the entire well is their universe. They are blinded by hatred by their hate-mongering imams.

The other reason for the plight of pakistanis is that 90% of pakistanis in USA and in UK are on welfare and some kind of public assistance. This is astounding!

Anonymous said...

Is this TRUE? Are 90% of pakistanis in US and the UK on welfare???

Anonymous said...

How can moderate groups such as Hindus, Buddhists, and Christians set themselves apart from pakistanis in the UK? We have to make sure that people don't mix us up with these freaks.

Anonymous said...

One of my friends told me that if a pakistani muslim (complete with beard or cap) walks onto a Tube train with a bag, all the people on the train get off!

Now, the entire world knows about ISI and their web of terror. What I cannot understand is---why is US/UK still arming Pakistan?

Answer: It's a cold hard diplomatic world out there...100 innocent British citizens can be written off, but keeping India in check is MUCH MORE important!

Anonymous said...

Americans create terrorist groups in big countries to break them to into small.
They slyly funds the terrorist groups to create violence in those countries.
They funds them, untill they are not considering america as their target.
I don't know, when they would "grow up".
Idiot and innocent american people may have forgotten ,who supplied weapons for terrorist outfits in Afganisthan,and who backed saddam hussain to occupy kuwait.
And the brits also moving in the same direction.Eventhough, i am a person from
a family, badly effected by terrorism, i
wish "every american would taste the effect of terrorism". i hope my wish will become true soon.

Anonymous said...

Pakistan will crumble by 2015, says CIA

21 July 2003: A new CIA study commissioned after 9/11 warns that Pakistan will disintegrate by year 2015, ten years before a Eighties study ordered by CIA director William J,Casey predicts.

The CIA engaged nearly two hundred politicians, serving and retired officials, military officers, scholars, clerics, businessmen and journalists for the study that suggests that political infirmities, democratic non-governance, institutional coercion and the robust feudal system that attacks civilian governments through the Pakistan army and Islamists will break up the country.

The study conducted between February-November 2002 says that basic law and order and governance is missing from every strata of life and this will curtail the country's longevity.

The United States has been concerned about Pakistan as an Islamic society since the World Trade tower attacks because it is its key ally in the war against terrorism

Anonymous said...


muslim gangs TERRORIZE people in UK into converting to islam (note the word "TERRORIZE")


san said...

Islamofascism is in no position to lecture the Germans or anyone else on human rights. Nobody's going to take a lecture from those who don't practice what they preach, much less those who only preach it selectively.

I have news for you buddy, the voices are no longer lone ones just from Germany, or just from Britain, or just from the US, or just from India. Now it's everybody saying the same thing about the Islamofascist threat.

So I dunno what "we" you're invoking, but that "we" sure ain't you and me, because I'm not feeling the "we" between us. The reality is that your "we" is whittling down to you and the four walls around you. Every fresh Islamofascist attack is another nail in the coffin for ties between Islamists and the rest of the world.

Anonymous said...

Islamic fundamentalism is an evil, powerful force. The Talmud's conclusion of the Amalek/ King Saul story is this - if you show mercy in a place where you should have been tough, you will end up being vicious when you should have shown mercy. Radical evil cannot be appeased.

Anonymous said...

I stick to my original position. London Bombings were bad - making out all muslims in the UK isn't.

glad you are not feeling the "we"....your world of saffron flags and trident juggling is a very differnt one from mine.