Monday, August 22, 2005

nytimes: the end of oil

aug 22nd
semi-good news. for a while the saudis will make more money as oil goes through the roof, but then there is enough incentive for everyone else to explore alternatives.
the biggest issues facing us in the future will be energy and water. so it is imperative for india to create non-oil-dependent energy sources, such as nuclear.


Anonymous said...

Rajeev, this exactly why the recent nuclear deal bet India and US is atleast a semi-good deal.The real impications will only be known latter.I think much would depend on how we manage the division between civilian and military resources.Private partnership may be the answer.

Prabha said...

Do u think that Nuclear power will solve these issues? Wht happens when uranium and plutonium become scarce? we cant use nuclear fuel for automotives? The sheikhs are having a good time now..the rising chinese demand for oil is adding more oil to the fire..

san said...

So China has easily beaten India to bag the purchase of PetroKazakhstan:

Not much about India here, but really was there ever any doubt that they'd trounce us on this? Kazakh fields a big prize.

hrishy said...

At present oil seems to be the way to go.However most of the oil companies like shell BP etc have started to move away from oil as their main form of revenue .

Mercedes benz for example is experimenting on Jhatropa seeds found in Chattisgarh in india which is sown on arid lands (to maintain bio-diversity) these seeds can be used to extract what is called as bio-diseal .Many other indian companies are making rapid progress on this one i know of is located in bangalore.Which is sucessfull in cloning the jhatropa plant.China Malaysia indonesia and philipnes are all aware of this impending energy crisis Malyasia is already toying with the idea of extarcting bio-diiseal from a palm .India also is ambitious and wants meet atleast 22% of its requirement from jahtropa seeds.

Myabe as a part of the CMP program of the congress and the guranteed employment program or somethin government encourages rural farmers in airid areas to take up one of these there tasks of either growing jhatrops processing or extracting oil from it.