Saturday, August 13, 2005

happy (early) independence day!

aug 13th

let me wish you guys in india a happy independence day couple of days in advance.


Anonymous said...

Happy Independence Day!

Bharat Mata ko Pranam.

Anonymous said...

Happy Independence day. God bless India for economic and cultural Independence as well.


san said...
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Aruni Mukherjee said...

Hopefully Indians will learn to self-reflect and identify our own strengths and weaknesses, rather than blame others, especially foreigners, for our own drawbacks. As Mahatma Gandhi eloquently put it, "I want my doors and windows to be completely open. I want the winds of all lands to blow about as freely as possible in my house." Multi-culturalism (not secularism) and all-inclusiveness are the idea that holds the myriad of different people in India together. India is so much more than a nation- it is an idea, a feeling, a civilisation.

Jai Hind!

san said...

Musharraf has also just sent us his Independence Day greetings:

I'm sure we can look forward to more.

san said...

Govt has done a good thing by putting into place an Anti-Hijack Policy

This rules out negotiations with hijackers on their demands. The fact that we had to lay this down into a law is a testament to not just to the spinelessness of the politicians who will bend on a whim, but also to the worthless protest culture in this country, where anybody will stage a protest on a whim and the media will rush to cover it.

Kaunteya said...

Happy Independence Day. More than 50 years back we achieved political independence from the British. But we still have a long way to go. We need to free ourselves from "pseudo-secularism", from the defunct nehruvian socialism, from casteism, from single-family (Gandhi) rule and monarchism, from leftist journalism, from terrorism, from the left manufactured poverty, from leftist despotism, from hunger deaths, from appeasement of minorities,from.....

Vande Mataram.

Anonymous said...

Happy Independence Day to all non-mallus.

Hey Mallus, when will you get freedom from Christian-islamic-marxist triple teror axis?

News in Punnyabhoomi:

Christian and Muslim universities in line with Aligarh muslim university are going to be set up in Kottayam and Kozhikode respectively. Since majority of the colleges are under Christian or muslim managements in Kerala (exploiting the minority rights to the maximum), the existing universities like Kerala univ, Kannur univ,MG univ etc will crumble with major portion of their revenues eaten by these 2 fundementalist universities!(approx. 80% of present revenues!)

In future we could see the partition of kerala into a northern taliban muslim state and a southern fanatic christian state, unless some miracle happens soon.


Anonymous said...

Rajeev and all,

this might be an important online petition to sign regarding misrepresentation of Hinduism and Indian Culture in the text books in CA. i am not sure if this has been posted here already... but just in case i am posting it here...


Anil Kurnool said...

In this dangerous land,
Am trying my best as I can,
To be a respectable man,

lyrics from a song by Micheal Learns to Rock!!

Haapy I-Day!!!

Anonymous said...


Muslim League insults national flag
THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The intelligence has started investigation on the issue of tying the national flag below the Muslim League's party flag at their office in Muvattupuzha. The office bearers did not bother to untie it even though there were protests from all sides. The intelligence is probing whether it was a preplanned one.

anyway UPA govt. has a ML member - E Ahammed, who has increased Haj quota to 1 lac and constructing a multi-storeyed Haj house(govt money) in Kozhikode for the pilgrims in transit!