Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Heritage Foundation: US starts weasel-wording its war on terror

aug 4th

what this means is appeasement of 'moderate' muslims. this sounds good until one realizes that their exhibit A 'moderate' muslim is musharraf and that their exhibit A 'moderate, modern, model' muslim country is pakistan. yes, that is a verbatim quote from the  unlamented robin raphel, us assistant secretary of state for 'south asia' at one time. christina rocca is probably no better, and condoleezza rice too.

it also means america is worried about its 'imperial overstretch'.


Anonymous said...

Unrelated to post:

N.Ram wants Laloo to strike back with fair means!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like pakis are getting their basket of goodies. Hope our basket of goodies is big and intact when it comes.

san said...

Rajeev, I would point out that a key problem with framing the war on terror as a "Battle for hearts and minds" is that it sets up an appeasement strategy. (bend over backwards for someone enough, and maybe they'll give you their brief blessing). What the "battle for hearts and minds" also needs to focus on is how to demoralize and deter, and not just how to beg and bribe.

Anonymous said...

was googling for Farrukh Dhondy and came across this piece he wrote in the aftermath of 9/11. seems he could very well write the same piece after the London bombings - nothing seems to have changed between now and then