Tuesday, August 23, 2005

telegraph (calcutta): sl rao on marxist modus operandi

aug 23rd

this is an exceptionally sensible article by s l rao.

communist plan = one man, one vote, one time.

once they take over the levers of the state, they will never let a mere election dislodge them. they will hang on by sheer muscle power. in effect, today, there is no way a non-marxist candidate can win an election in w bengal. if a non-marxist runs as a candidate, he/she will be murdered. ergo, the marxists get 100% of the seats, and probably 150% of the votes via booth-capturing etc. a reprise of what happens in n. korea, china etc.

the only difference is that the n koreans are korean nationalists. the chinese are chinese jingoists. the indian marxists are... chinese patriots! these people ought to be lined up and shot.

you guys saw the latest about the cpim student wing sfi objecting to sri sri ravi shankar's art of living. will they ever object to fellow-semitic  stuff? the cpim used state funds to give that ghoul m. teresa a state funeral. the cpim is perfectly happy to have islamists preach and teach violent religious fundamentalism. but when a hindu teaches something sensible, oh no, it bothers them.

i can see how one might even sympathize with that maniac pat robertson who wants the marxist chavez shot in venezuela. the marxists in india all deserve to be shot, or better still, sent to chinese gulags as 'guests of the state'.

the one good thing about the bangladeshi muslim invasion of bengal is that it will cleanse bengal of marxists. when they declare the new mughalistan or whatever they are calling it, we can be sure that all the bengali marxists would have migrated to safe parts of india to work their charm there.



Anonymous said...

Hi Rajeev,
If you look back, you can see all the leaders of left parties behave differently to hindu leaders than to Christian Muslim leaders. The notorious Nayanar, former CM of kerala criticized the security which was given for Guruvayoor temple. This guy went to rome and bent in front of the pope and then presented a Gita..!!!
Like how pakistan can not digest a secular and democratic india as neighbour, Marxists also cant understand the values of democracy and hinduism. They know clearly that unless and until, the Hindu religion is ceased to exist in India, Marxism can never prosper. But alas, like in kerala it ended up as another cast in Hinduism..
Stupid Nayanar, was finally cremated through Hindu rituals, since his actions and thoughts were not enough to give mental peace for his wife , Sarada teacher.

Anonymous said...

"They know clearly that unless and until, the Hindu religion is ceased to exist in India, Marxism can never prosper."

I think comrade VS Achu has clearly understood the terror plans of his stupid party secy - P Vijayan. Finish off all hindus , with the help of missionary money and Muslim league jehadis. Today even party channel Kairali is run by gulf money and a gulf businessman. Most of their terror culture centers run by x-ian MA Baby and Thomas Issac who are the brains behind Vijayan's atrocities. But Vijayan is too naive to understand that he will be finsihed off by the same jehdadis he is supporting, once their main objective is met ie Cleansing kerala hindus. Even the vikkan (stammering) namboodiri EMS, was a puppet in the hands of some jehadis and he very well destroyed his own community of birth and saw to it that Taliban-like districts created in North and central kerala.

As in other religions, casteism is very much evident in Marxism too. They project a popular leader from backward community but will see to it that he/she is back-stabbed well. By openly supporting fundementalist bishops and islam clerics on flawed reservation policies, they even show their communal colors. Kerala will never progress with the Marxist parasites and their jehadi wings like SFI, DYFI etc.