Tuesday, August 16, 2005

happy new year to malayalis

aug 16th

tomorrow, chingam 1st (chingam = simham = leo), is the beginning of the malayalam new year 1081 Malabar Era (i think).


Anonymous said...

yeah it's 1181 Chingam 1.
Happy onam..

Anonymous said...

It's Kolla-varsham 1181. 'malabar' era?

read the first testimonial from one Tom Pall. Interesting..


Anonymous said...

Vishu is the new year, even though calender starts at Chingam..

Anonymous said...

Vishu is the Spring Equinox (or was before accumulated errors shifted it) just as Makar Sankranti is the Winter Solstice.

Vishu is on the same day as Tamil New Year, true. But the Malayalam New Year starts on Chingam 1. A simple test will prove this. The day before Chingam 1, the year was 1180ME (Malayalam or Malabar Era). On Chingam 1, it became 1181ME. Therefore, Chingam 1 is the New Year.

bodhi dharma said...


Happy Onam to all