Monday, August 29, 2005

mckinsey quarterly: Special India weekly update, number 1

The McKinsey Quarterly New this week from
The McKinsey Quarterly:
Fulfilling India's promise
The following are the first articles from "Fulfilling India's promise," a Quarterly special edition offering insights into the challenges and opportunities of the Indian market. As a convenience to subscribers of the Asia alert, each week you will receive a single e-mail highlighting the newly posted articles from the edition.

View the table of contents for the full list of articles to be published over the next several weeks and to learn how you can receive the print edition.
When to make India a manufacturing base
Multinational corporations are starting to see the country's potential. (Premium)

Unearthing India's mineral wealth
There's a gold mine out there—if the government eases restrictions on market entry and improves infrastructure. (As a special bonus for Asia-alert subscribers, we are offering you free access to this premium article through September 5. Click directly from this e-mail to read it.)

India's economic agenda: An interview with Manmohan Singh
The prime minister discusses his plans to modernize the country's infrastructure, attract foreign investment, and create jobs—all in the service of eliminating chronic poverty and disease in India.

>> Coming next week:
Ensuring India's offshoring future
Winning the Indian consumer

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san said...

Read about the Bribery Raj:

The Leftists are the architects of this socialist tangle of big govt, as opposed to the power of free market competition.

Without competition, the monopolistic power of the state will only breed stagnation and corruption. Without consumer choice and the wider availability of alternative services, there is no power to reform.

Socialists are against choice, and therefore against freedom. They are fighting to keep every corrupt bribe-taker and crony on the job, rather than allowing them to be fired.