Sunday, August 28, 2005

bloomberg: why oracle bought iflex

aug 28th

is the answer software products? a return on investment of 600x would argue so. and this guy seems to think so too.

for this IPR based growth to materialize, there has to be a change in mindset and investment in india.

none of the IT majors in india is investing enough to bring a product to market, which in my  opinion will cost something like $25-$50 million. they are all piddling around with $5-$10 million investments, which will generally come to nought. the product can be built for $2-$5 million, but marketing it will cost at at least 3-4x as much.


Anonymous said...

hey Rajeev,

did u read about this article reg. Mahabharatha age / copper age body found in UP?

here it is:

basically it says that there was a civilization in India before the Sindhu Saraswathi Civilization... this is very similar to the theory putforth by the 'encyclopedia of authentic Hinduism'...

and it is of no surprise that the anti-hindu media didnt cover this news that well...

I wonder what that female Thapar will say reg. this..probably she will attribute this to a 'Hindu conspiracy'!


san said...

Read this article on how Indians are now helping American students who're flunking math:

Haha, a paying version of the old stereotype about the Asian kid helping the others with their math homework. ;)

san said...

Looks like the Marxist militants in the NorthEast have decided to go truly hardcore:

So can Maoputra or any other Leftist comment on the benefits of this new hardcore MarXXXism? Are we to believe that anything is justifiable to further the 'revolution'?

nizhal yoddha said...

san, we all knew marxism was perversion. and of course marxists are the worst casteists and sexists around.

i suppose all these bearded, stinking, disgusting marxist fantasize their 'comrade' women are just dying to spread their legs for them.

after all, for marxists their guns are penis-substitutes.