Tuesday, August 23, 2005

how lovely christian rule in india has been!

aug 23

about the portuguese inquisition in goa from a jewish point of view.

we can look forward to more of this in nagaland, mizoram, etc. soon, and then in kerala, tamil nadu and andhra pradesh, as soon as ratzinger and co have managed to convert enough people. kerala is about 50% christian now (if you count all the steath converts who have been advised to keep their hindu names for public consumption and/or reservation benefits while all of them appus and ramans are josephs and mathais in church regularly every sunday), and southern tamilnadu (kanyakumari district) about 80%, with nadars having converted en masse.

as we know, south korea went from 80% buddhist to 50% christian in one generation. mizoram and nagaland are now 99% christian. the naga siege of manipur recently was a clear religious battle: manipuris have refused to convert and so they were being punished by the (ex-headhunter) nagas. once again, praise be to the First Prime Minister of India (Registered Trademark) who invited australian and nz missionaries and gave them free hand in the northeast.



Anonymous said...

Can somebody please post the article ?

Anonymous said...

In Kerala the situation is pretty bad as you mentioned (thanks to marxist stupidity). Recent SC judgement that there are no minorities in India, should be properly enforced in Kerala. Remove all the minority benefits of these pressure groups. But the minority controlled (manorama) media will never give much importance to that judgement in Kerala. Instead they are now branding the murder attempt on Mata as an act of mentally challenged! How easy.

If a Sree Narayana Guru statue(mostly during communist rule) or temple or a Hindu spiritual leader is attacked, it's always an act of mentally challenged!! But if a church is attacked, it's immediately branded as an act by RSS or VHP till it's well proven that it was done by a X-ian himself!

Recently I heard the famous writer OV Vijayan, who died some months back, is getting 'forcefully' converted to X-ianity by his X-ian wife and his publishing house DC Books (It's Daniel Cherian ? books - see how they hide). If today OV Vjayan is 'converted' posthumously, very soon all great Hindu saints like Narayana Guru and Chattamby swamigal would be converted posthumously into Catholic saints! Dirty games of frock-wearing missionaries continue unabated and it's a real security threat. When will India awake to this grave threat?

Anonymous said...

Govts took the bid on Ammas life so lightly
AMRITHAPURI:Forty eighht hours after the bid on Mata Amrithanandamayi's life, the Amrithanadamayi authorities are here sore that the government had not bothered to send any of its emissaries to the Math to obtain a personal account on the incident."Leave alone a personal visit neither Chief Minister Oommen Chandy nor his cabinet colleagues had bothered to ring up the Matha or the Math about the incident.We expected that atleast the District Collector would visit the Math and share the concern of the Math. But he chose to restrict his responsibility by a telephonic call'" said sources close to Amma.
There are a number of precedents of chief minister or his cabinet colleagues visiting religious institutions when they become the target of the anti-social elements. "We don't know why the government took the bid on Ammas life so lightly," the sources said.

If something like this happened to Oomen's local church, the entire governance would have been at stand-still. TV, newspapers would have continuosly blamed Hindu organizations while splashing the pictures of crying frocklings with torn/un-torn frocks..


Anonymous said...

I acutally think that the CM and his factotums didn't visit the Math is, itself, a tribute the vibrancy of Hinduism.

I am proud that our religious institutions dont' need validation by some politico.

Anonymous said...

Could anyone let me know what the phrase "First Prime Minister of India (Registered Trademark)" stands for?

I guess it is something about nehru, but what does the "Registered Trademark" mean?


Anonymous said...

You sound like a smart guy, what do YOU think it means?

Anonymous said...

Good report by Swamy. A must read for all Indians.


abraham said...

There you all go at it again.
Someone publish's trash that Kerala's population is 50% christian and you all fall for it.
Does anybody actually have any factual data to support this or is this what one would like to believe?
And just in case this is true, more power to it!
I fail to understand why all the posts are by 'anonymous' authors. For heaven's sake, you (I am assuming) malayalee chicken-hearts, this is just a blog space, no one has the time or inclination to track you and somehow threaten your welfare....just publish your damn name.(whether it is an Unni, Mathai,kurup or Koya)

Anonymous said...

Typical of a Christian. This fellow 'Abraham' used to post as anonymous, but when blog users called him Abraham he adopted the name. Now if you click on his id, it takes you to yahoo.com!

So what on earth are you so high-and-mighty about, you hypocrite? You are posting anonymously and accusing others for doing the same. Do as I say, not do as I do, correct? That must make you a normal, typical Christist. This hypocrisy must have been injected into you when your 'fathers' buggered you in school or church.

Of course, you'll be happy if Kerala is 50% Christian. You are working hard to make that happen. Just drive around Kerala, there are many parts that are 100% Christian, with churches about every half a kilometer. Plantation laborers, nurses and others are being forced to convert to keep their jobs. In Christian-run colleges, students are forced to convert too to get their degrees.

Proudly Anonymous.

abraham said...

You can understand someone's intrinsic worth by what they spew.I am not sure how you came to your conclusion in the first para of your para.I wonder how soem one can be anonymous after at least putting their name to an article/letter.
Spoken like a typical hindu paper tiger...meek, weak,insipid and true to the stereotype of your ilk, always insecure. Classic of a person from a community that is consaguineous by custom and blighted by gene pool, unless of course you supplement that pool with some bovine input, 'buggering' yout cows and having a warm glass of cow urine daily for extra measure.
I studied in a christian college in Kerala, and not once have I heard of someone being forced to convert to christianity to get a college degree. What peurile nonsense.
Just for your information, the last time I heard, India, for that matter Kerala was a free society so conversion is still legal. So if there are areas which are '100%' christian, excellent! Kerala will certainly be better off.
?Mr???mrs 'proudly anonymaous' get a job, and have some 'avial'

Anonymous said...

The Christist Abraham (with the id pointing to yahoo.com) is angry at being called a pathetic hypocrite! Don't put on airs just because you adopted a name that was supplied to you by blog readers. Any moron can do that, and you have proven it.

Of course you want everyone to be a Christist, why would that surprise anybody?

Your logic shows your brains must be up your butt, just where your "fathers" buggered you. Just because you haven't heard of anyone being forced to convert, it must not be true. Brilliant deduction!

Any part of Kerala that's heavily Christist will soon see ethnic cleansing. In the end, the Christists and the Islamists in Kerala will end up buggering each other once the poor Hindus have been eliminated.

abraham said...

Ha, Ha, Ha......you seem to getting yourself into some sort of a fit.
It appears from your nervous diatribe, shorn of any factuality, that there may be some unresolved issue from your childhood, maybe related to the fact that you may still be in the process of gender identification, or, was just weaned too early.
You need to get back to your momma's bosum and suckle hard, man (??).
Maybe a glass or two more of flavoured cow's urine wouldn't hurt. A dollop of chaanakkam thrown in with your avial for good measure. In fact anything to help your brain out grow the size of your prosate.
As for your fetish for buggering, you poor thing. I am actually beginning to feel pity for you.But what else can a paper tiger like you do, apart from growl and fart through your mouth.No wonder you guys were ruled over by others for hundreds, if not thousands of years. Just get over it.
But to get back to topic... any chance you could come up with some facts,links,to sites stats ets to support your contention, that somehow, the 'christists' and islamists are hellbent on cleansing Kerala of its, well, hindists?
namaskaram, you poor little thing.

Anonymous said...

nAMAskaaram mr abraham or George

You wanted to know the percentage of X-ians in kerala? 19% is as per estimated census figures. But all the frockling bishops are afraid of an real census (including the crypto ones like terrorist Aravindakha menon of Potta). Moreover among the Ezhavas (23-25%) more than 90% are marxists and among nairs (20%), almost 40% are marxists. Frocklings are afraid that they cannot exploit the 'minority rights' and loot the hindus. Do you know why AK Antony had to step down for a communal Oomen?

If the frocklings are not insecure , then why are they getting agitated when a movie is made on sexual harrassment of their brethren or pressurize the govt. to help their fellow missionary who murdered Sr Abhaya?

You said you studied in a Chritian college. Did you know every student there personally? Do you think mischivous 'conversions' are publicized? Do you think a person with minimum common sense and intelligence will fall for the gimmicks of frocklings? Any kid in kerala think KM Mani and Ooomen are never helping the forest mafia in looting our forests especially in C.travancore?

Anyway it's only because of growing presence of RSS and Hindu Aikya vedi, that frocklings (male and female) cannot get illegal dollars by fooling the poor (false fiction stories and abusing their gods) and the whites (showing the pictures of 'harvest').

Yesterday due to excessive sexual harrasment of a missionary 'brother' of Salvation army hostel in TVPM a student took his own life. But wait and watch the dirty games of Oomen and mani to save that 'brother'.

Just go and check the revenue records of Nilakkal and also the Christ church college, in Trissur. This college is built on the looted land from Koodal manikyam temple. BTW, does any shit-head believ in the story of a St. Thomas? Using that fake story , flocklings fooled many uneducated in S India. Probably your ancestors were weak enough to fall for the bounties, money and false stories from the white/brown frocklings. After all Syrian X-ians were spies of British as historical records. Please read this too

onam greetings, abraham


abraham said...

Finally we can have a relatively civil discussion on this blog, without having to belittle each others geaneology!
Your points are well taken, Shankar.
I am not very savvy about the communal dynamics of Kerala politics, other than to admit that group and religious factors have a significant impact.
With doubt, that is how things will continue to be in Kerala, till malayalees are able to seek accountability from the lunatics they elect to political office.
Coming to issue of the 'looting' of forest land in Kerala,what's stopping you guys from doing the same? If this 'looting' is illegal,what are our courts for?
This talk the christians usurping hindu land is sheer nonsense. If the Christians (especially Syrian Christians) of Kerala are the most educated,progressive and succesful of Malayalees, it is because of a culture of hard work and their pioneering nature.
And it is natural for others to feel jealous and ascribe all that success instead to the 'lootingof hindu property, missionary funds etc' and all the other baloney you can come up with.
Of course, you have your bad apples, every community does, but the exceptional success of this community over generations is from the good that it does.
On conversions, let me say again,it is voluntary,legal and in the spirit of free enterprise, just what India needs.Let every community/religious group dish out money and status to people of other faiths, and may the highest bidder win!
Like they say, charity begins at home. If the hindu community can put it's own house in order, and bring about some sense of social justice through the development of a casteless society, 'conversions' would simply dry up. If one had a choice, would he or she ever like to remain a 'shudra' for life?
We can continue this discussion later.....with civility.
Shankar, my friend, Onam greetings.

Anonymous said...

I like the posts of 'Abraham' and Shankar. It is time this blog moved away from the thesis 'Christians are bad'. Let us not forget that Europeans (christians) pioneered the concept of separating religion from politics. In the western world, there are tens of thousands (not millions yet) who are positively against religious bigotry. Just because Hindus are tolerant, Hinduism doesn't become a good religion.

Also, one sometimes feels like applauding the single-minded goal oriented functiong of Church when it comes to conversion in India and Asia. Can we say the same about Hindu priests or parties that have thrived by playing the Hindu card?

asd123 said...

Christianity is a middle eastern religion created initially by the forces of middle eastern culture. It then had its own interpretations by westerners, known as western christianity. All the advancements in the west have been made in spite of christianity. Remember galileo. The church had to go kicking and screaming. It has only been tamed due to the reformation. The Reformation was created by western man inspite of christianity to free the west from the clenches of totalitarian christianity. Now christianity still exists, though in a more authoritarian form.

Hindus never had ideology and bigotry. Whereas in the abrahamic fairytales of the old testament, new testament and the koran you can clearly see how the abrahamic god incites the conversion or killing of non-abrahamic cultist followers.

The church is being funded through the wealthy west and their satellite states around the world, as soon as the western economics and their satellite nations collapse so will money for expanding christendom.