Sunday, August 21, 2005

harvard magazine: india's promise?

aug 21st

fairly typical american-ishtyle analysis of what's right and wrong in india. this fellow mouths the usual 'secular' claptrap about congress rule being *so* much better for the country. yeah, minorities are safe under the congress: just ask the 10,000 sikhs killed in 1984. and it's extremely unfair to lump the naxalites (who kill on average 2-3 people a day, cold-blooded murder) with the poor RSS (which goes around saving people, including, in a comical instance, christian priests, when they are in need). in fact, RSS people are likely to be murdered with impunity by naxalites and marxists (just go to kannur in kerala).

what is really wrong? in a word, governance. the country has become ungovernable because of the excessive interference by every vested interest. this is jawaharlal nehru's (Registered Trademark: India's First Prime Minister) true legacy: endemic corruption; not to mention the nehruvian rate of growth we are rapidly approaching again.

the suggestion that the state is so weak that india has an indonesia-like future is sobering. this of course argues for a china-style totalitarian state. maybe that's what all these american (and FOB indian-american) pundits really want: a totalitarian state that's easy to deal with, because it will shoot any dissenters.


Anonymous said...

hey Rajeev,

did u get 2 know about the attack on Mata in Kerala? Man, I am sure that these missionaries have a big plan in their mind - first it was Kanchi Acharya who was put into jail with false cases and now there is an attack on Mata. at this rate, i think Sri Ravishankar is the next target, going by his popularity! if they can eliminate all the great Hindu saints, their conversion of Hindus will become much easier... only God must save us!

Anonymous said...

A reponse to typical american-ishtyle analysis : RAND as New Religious Media (NRM)

Sameer said...

I feel every right thinking (pun intended) Indian in other countries esp. US should counter the marxist/leftist propoganda written in their countries' publications. NRIs in US have already done so, but leftist clout is also growing.....
We need to give them a readl kick, tell them that it is not India where they have monopolised the media.
Whereever they mention BJP as Hindu nationalist party, we need to mention anti-BJP as anti-Hindu and anti-national party which they really are.
Esteemed Indians in US should also write and contribute articles which clear the mess which has been started by Missionaries right from 18th century and which are propogated by Indian born marx-putras. Im sure people will prefer to read the articles by esteemed Indians rather than the crap given out by marxist-'India experts'.

Anonymous said...

Garbage from yet another missionary fundementalist reddy settled in US. a typical communal fanatic who says there is NO caste system in X-ianity!!!

refer site on interview with Moses Reddy

"LAMB: In India, is it a caste system? I mean, were people who were cleaning your house of a – you know, were they looked upon differently?

REDDY: No. They are just poor people, Brian. But I’m a Christian, so if somebody comes to work in my house, I wouldn’t have any caste problems with that, but if that same person had to go and work in a Hindu family or a Muslim family, they would have problems.

Because in a Hindu family they have castes. If it’s a Brahmin and if it’s somebody below that that’s working, that’s a caste problem. They wouldn’t let you touch some of the utensils, wouldn’t let you touch their clothes, OK? Wouldn’t let you get into certain rooms.

If the same person worked in a Muslim house, he was a total untouchable because he was not a Muslim, so he was a kaffir, they call him, so those would be the problems.

LAMB: So in a country like India, how many are Christian out of a billion people?

REDDY: Oh, we are about 4 percent now.

LAMB: Smallest of all the religions?

REDDY: Yes – no. Yes, smallest out of the three religions: Muslims, Hindus, and Christians, yes.