Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Stephen Cohen's Views on the US-India Nuclear Technology Agreement

aug 9th
stephen cohen shows once again that he is
a) biased in favor of pakistan
b) not particularly knowledgeable
such is one of america's major 'south asia' experts. in the usual american way, if someone has transited through mumbai airport en route to singapore, he has become an 'india expert'.
someone i know has consistently shown how second-rate a 'scholar' cohen is, by asking him simple questions which have made him go 'ummm... uhh..., but, but...'
yet, these ignorami are able to run rings around indian delegations consisting of jnu alumni and other nehruvian stalinists. that shows the intellectual caliber of the indian teams.
forwarded by ram narayanan

i am reposting this with only the link. why waste blog space on something that is mostly an advertisement for cohen's latest book?



Anonymous said...

Seems more like a pitch for his book.

Question: ....
Answer: Read my book.

La Bona said...
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