Monday, August 29, 2005

[PINR] 29 August 2005: Growing Signs of Unrest in the Maldives

aug 29

more fun, fun, fun in our backyard. china recently got a long way towards getting a base in the maldives, too. interesting, 'godless communists' and islamists allying with each other. the sino-islamist axis gains another adherent.

Power and Interest News Report (PINR)

29 August 2005


Growing Signs of Unrest in the Maldives
Drafted By: Dr. Sudha Ramachandran

The Maldivian government's use of excessive force in mid-August to quell demonstrations by opposition activists demanding democratic reforms indicates that its commitment to establishing multi-party democracy in the country remains weak. There is a danger that its foot dragging on democratic reform and the suppression of its secular-moderate opponents could clear the way for assertion of hard-line Islamists in the country.


Anony1 said...

Considering the blasts that took place in Bangladesh this month, suddenly I get scary of the scenario where,there is a hijack of a plane from Bangladesh and attack on India in 9/11 style? I hope at least somebody might have envisioned this by intelligence and would have prepared for it.

san said...

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Anonymous said...

Well, forget the neighbourhood, dude. How about looking inside the house?