Wednesday, August 31, 2005

White people find things. Black people loot things.

aug 31st

forwarded by arvind kumar.

a shining example of reporting. is this why some wag said 'reporters sans frontieres' are actually 'racists sans frontieres'? when it comes to racism against indians, rsf has never given us the benefit of the doubt. and here against blacks, too.

melanin is key to life, clearly.

even as i feel concerned about my friends in the new orleans area, including prof subhash kak and his family, i cannot help but observe two things:

a. we who were so harsh about mumbai's inability to cope with 3 feet of rain (in one day) should understand that no city can cope with natural calamities of that magnitude (how would new york city deal with 10 feet of snow in one day? that's the equivalent of 3 feet of rain). not to excuse mumbai's municipal types, but one has to be reasonable

b. the accusation that they deliberately let a lot of people in new orleans, esp. poor blacks, die, is believable. the normal lives of blacks in new orleans and the entire delta is pretty miserable, and clearly the higher-ups don't care about them. it is one of the most interesting cities in the us, but the gulf between rich and poor is wide too.

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White people find things. Black people loot things.
Two residents wade through chest-deep water after finding bread and soda from a local grocery store after Hurricane Katrina came through the area in New Orleans, Louisiana.(AFP/Getty Images/Chris Graythen)
A young man walks through chest deep flood water after looting a grocery store in New Orleans on Tuesday, Aug. 30, 2005. Flood waters continue to rise in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina did extensive damage when it


Anonymous said...

As I hear of what is happening in NO, I can't but help think how the US has fallen over the years.

India has had to deal with a killer earthquake, a tsunami, flooding of its financial center, and an ongoing terror campaign on two fronts. The country now actually seems almost resilient in the face of such adversity compared to the US.

For example,US Navy has yet to get a hospital ship to Lousiana. Yet, as I recall, within 12 hours of the tsunami, the Indian Navy had dispatched aid not only to Tamilnadu but also to Sri Lanka.

Anonymous said...

also, a gesture by the Govt of India to send personnel to cope with the crisis would produce incalcuable PR benefits.

Simply offering to send paramilitary forces to help dispose of bodies, provide law and order, secure dikes, etc. would benefit India in the long run.

That the US would decline such assistance is, of course, to be expected.

Anonymous said...

Mumbai's 39 inches of rain equals to more than 32 feet of snow in a day (not 10 feet).

san said...

I agree that India should offer assistance, especially since the US did so much for Asian tsunami victims, even if India didn't accept government offers for aid. The Call Centre industry in India in particular could make some kind of offer for discount rates in helping to process insurance claims, of which there will be many. It would be a good way for them to show their mettle and prove their worth to critics.

Had such a hurricane hit India, the deaths would have been in the tens of thousands, and not merely hundreds like in New Orleans and monsoon-struck Mumbai. I'm also appreciative of how Americans as a whole are able to respond to the aftermath of this tragedy in a more calm way than Indians do. That kind of level-headedness is not something that you pick up in school or university. I could go on at length about how post-hurricane Indians would be baying for the blood of any public official they could find, accosting tourists demanding money from them, mass-rioting, reflexively screeching for "official inquiry" into this or that, before the rescuers have even pulled them off their rooftops.

We all know the miserable Indian temperament too well.

Gameboys said...

Rajeev, this is staggering, beyond racism! All footage of looting I've seen on TV shows only black people, wouldn't be surprised if those are vetted images!

You're absolutely right about the 'outrage' in Indian (in the media and even among bloggers) following the Mumbai rain havoc. No city can take that amount of rain in a day and not suffer, although I think the casualties in Mumbai were very high. There are also areas in Mumbai that are low-lying (in comparison to surrounding areas), though nothing like New Orleans.

The infrastructure and civic administration need drastic improvement in Indian cities, but people seem to criticize for the sake of it. All the talk of 'had it happened in xyz...' is plain B.S. The tsunami fallout was managed much better in India than any other affected country, yet that is scarcely acknowledged.

- Nanda Kishore

blackpanther said...

Off-topic but interesting comment on the national rural employment guarentee scheme being implemented by the UPA. This scheme should definitely rank among the most idiotic schemes in the present Indian context.

san said...

Before we totally melodramatize the melanin, the reality is that there is a tremendous income gap between whites and blacks in the Southern US, and that alone will guarantee that most of the looters will be African Americans. Although I have seen pictures of both white and black looters on TV, most being shown are black, and I've even read people commenting on the absence of Asian Americans amongst looters. The reality is that most of those who didn't leave in advance of the hurricane were blacks, and most of these due to reasons of poverty and inability to travel or find accomodations elsewhere. Many low-income people are also uninsured.

But while it's certainly heartbreaking to see people looting stores and private property to get food for themselves, it's hard to justify someone breaking into a jewelry store to loot it, since that's got nothing to do with the fundamentals of survival.

I notice the New York Times is having a field day with this story, blaming the entire disaster on Bush. I agree with their point that Global Warming will increase the number of hurricanes and that Bush hasn't done enough against Global Warming, but to blame the man for the hurricanes themselves is just plain left-wing Atlanticist opportunism. They're looking for anything they can beat the guy over the head with. The fact is that even if all CO2 production were stopped today, these weather patterns won't suddenly do a U-turn, but will continue on for years to come.

san said...

Musharraf is a dead man - he is about to recognize Israel. Heh, the Islamists will eat him for breakfast. Here's a link about the first meeting between the 2 countries:

Haha, I don't think we'll yet see Mushy and Sharon shaking hands for the cameras, but this is definitely one to get the pundits chattering, and the beards smoking.

Anonymous said...

Yahoo removed the pic of the white people "finding" food. Not surprisingly, same pic of a black teenager "stealing" is still there.

Anonymous said...

It is true--a total double-standard that white people "find" things. Black people "steal".

Just like the British "found" all the wealth in India, and Indians "lost" all of the food only to die in famine by the millions!

Anonymous said...

It's actually sickening hypocrisy. We Indians should learn a valuable lesson from all of these events---the only reason that we're treated better than blacks is that we have economic utility to the majority whites in the US/UK. That's it.

This is how the whites think---"Well gee. If we spend all this money on a relief program for these niggers, what's the return on the investment? But, if we let them die, we take a little heat, nominate another Condi Rice, and everyone will forget about it. Hmmmm. What shall we do?"

It's the same reason that Africans are allowed to die by the millions in war, famine, and AIDS. The US spent more on Y2K than on AIDS. It's simple---if you're white, and you cannot compete don't worry---the US will put pressure on China, India and Japan to change their currency rates and interest rates, so that the US ("whites") can compete "fairly".

If you're an Asian, you are at the mercy of the free market!

Also, if they show blacks looting and emphasize crime, snipers, and rapes, and if you show blacks who haven't eaten or had water in three days's easy for all the television viewers to be UNsympathetic.

There you have it...

As Indians we HAVE we MUST 100% of the time without exception...always set the bar higher. We must always be the best. We have to be indispensible in whatever circumstances we find ourselves, among whatever people. We must always be on the right side of the cold equation of profit. Fuck E=MC^2. It means nothing...Assets must always far outweigh liabilities. This is how the Brits still enslave India via the Bank of England. This is how the ghoras can install Sonia Gandhi as their viceroy in India...

The best way to win our freedom is through self-respect. You don't have to throw sonia out...just ignore her, and then she'll walk through the exit all by herself. This is true freedom.

Sorry to ramble on...

Anonymous said...

It's amazing. I proudly told all the whites at work today that we Hindus have Kumbha Melas with 12-15 million people with less infrastructure, zero crime, and we are totally organized and everyone has such an amazing delightful time that more and more people come every year.

Why is it that the US and Europe cannot manage a city of 5 million, but in India they have a festival of 15 million that is organized perfectly!!!

Anonymous said...

LESSON- there is no concept of equality. Some will always be more equal than others.

Indians had better learn this fast.

In a disaster, the blacks are totally abandoned by their own country! They are even made out to look like beasts as they drown and live among feces, rats, and rotting corpses.

In Israel, every Jewish person who leaves Gaza gets $200k --compliments of the US taxpayer!!!!

Now you tell me if there is any concept of equality in this world.

Answer: none

The Jewish lobby is absolutely powerful beyond description. Blacks are children of a lesser God. This is why they are allowed to die like dogs, and while they die, no one has any sympathy for them when they show a few of them looting on TV.

I hope our people are never reduced to this sorry state.

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