Saturday, August 27, 2005

totaliarianism and semiticism, paleo-, meso- and neo- variants thereof

aug 27

the totalitarian mindset can be summarized in one word: semitic.

all semitic ideologies have two characteristics:
1. the demonization of the Other
2. blind, unquestioning, unreasoning faith

and a meta-characteristic:
3. a faith/ideology of this type is often a cult with an army behind it enforcing adherence

there are several categories of semites based on when they attained semite-hood. but underneath they are almost exactly the same, with some differences based on whether they have power (totalitarian tyrants in that cases) or have been powerless (more mellow). for instance, zoroastrians have been decent since they were overwhelmed by more muscular meso-semites, but zarathustra was the one who initially popularized the idea of absolute good and absolute evil, the basis of Other-ization.

paleo-semitic faiths: zoroastrianism, judaism
meso-semitic faiths: christism, mohammedanism
neo-semitic faiths: marxism, 'dravidianism', nehruvian-stalinism

this is only a sample, there are neo-semitic faiths being created practically daily, and they each have their martyrs -- eg. che guevara, their saints -- eg. ems, their catholic mother church -- eg. soviet union, their protestants -- eg. china, their primate -- eg. whoever is china's strongman, their bible -- eg. marx's books, their schism -- eg. soviet union vs china and cpim vs. cpi, their reformation -- eg. deng's ideas, their missionaries -- eg. cpim, their colonies -- eg. tibet, etc.

in fact it is eerie how similar marxism is to christism.

PS. the word 'semitic' has always been misused. there is no such thing as a 'semitic' race: the people referred to as semites (mostly jews and arabs) are white people. 'anti-semitic' is used to mean anti-jewish, but it actually means anti-jewish and anti-arab. so is an arab who is anti-jewish anti-semitic?

the origin of the word 'semitic' is from the biblical shem and ham; the sons of shem are supposed to enslave the sons of ham. and this, incidentally was the christist mythological justification for slavery, as blacks are supposed to be the sons of ham.

it is appropriate to overload this term to mean a shorthand for the totalitarian mindset that developed most particularly in the west asian desert where semitic languages exist.

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InAustin said...

You make some claims about neo-semitic religions. Where are your sources?
I'd really like to read up on this.