Saturday, August 27, 2005

me on rediff on nanavati commission report

aug 22nd


Anonymous said...

Rajeev I would fell better if all like you didnot compare the Gjrat riots with the 1984 riots. The second was for a totally different reaction. So when people and writers compare both its blurs the real truth and dilutes the innocent that were killed in Godra.

jii said...

For a change, I wholly agree with Rajeev. I am not a great fan of Narendra Modi and would like to see the perpetrators of both the Godhra carnage and the resultant riots punished stringently. However, the Congress has no moral right to ask for his blood when their hands are stained with one of the most heinous massacres in independent India. It was far greater in magnitude than the Gujarat massacre. Unlike now, the only visual media available then was Doordarshan which was Congress' mouthpiece and hence we did not get to see graphic images as in Gujarat.

Manmeet said...

Hi Rajeev,
Being a Sikh and someone who has personally seen the riots as a young boy, i appreciate your putting things in the right perspective. Its easy to forget things and assume they never took place but its more difficult to face truth and accept it as it is. I felt sad on reading the comments of the anonymous mail sent to you. No wrong can justify another wrong. What happened in Godra was sad but in no way can you justify the merciless killings of Muslims in Gujarat.
Even in my state Punjab there has been so much bloodshed in the name of religion. Our gurus never tought us to take lives of innocent and Sikhs have always stood up against tyranny.Wounds like 1984 and Gujarat carnage only heal when we give justice because justice, however delayed, is better than justice denied.

Anonymous said...

How about also talking about the Nellie massacres - where more people died in a single day (3,300) than in any riot after Partition?

And, I don't understand Anonymous when he says that talking about Gujarat riots "dilutes the innocent that were killed in Godra"! (What chemical process is used to dilute an innocent?) How does killing innocents justify killing more innocents in retaliation? This is nothing but barbarism.

Sakshi said...

Why do we forget the Bombay riots ??? I agree not many people were killed...but they were still INNOCENT.

Anonymous said...

I don't get it that some people don't think that the sikhs killed in 1984 were innocent. Why?? what did they do to you?

Nice Article though!! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

It was funny that you wrote that 3-4x factor in rediff article also. WHy not, they write the fictious rape stories as reason for firebombed Sabaramati world around .

Anonymous said...

Well written article by Rajeev. 'Minority' and naxalite terrorism need to be fully exposed.
BTW, SC had reecently told there is no 'minority' in India!

Here is a good article in Punnyabhoomi(malayalam) on real 'minority' terrorism.

Some facts from the article:

-'Minorities' cry about their discrimination with their global contacts.

-In Kerala, the minorities (19% x-ian, 26% muslims) use their pressure tactics to control:
90% of education sector, 85% in industry, 80% in agriculture, 80% in media, 85 in health and 65% in governance! and where are they discriminated?

-7% X-ians in TN and 5% x-ians in Maharashra control 63% and 45% of education institutions.

- See the racial discrimination in some of the institutions:
Missionary run Madurai american college - 81 out of 122 faculties are x-ians. among junior faculties 21/22 are x-ians!;
Jamia malia islamic univ- 288/329 are muslims!;
Mumbai St Xaviers - 86/132 are x-ians;
Aligarh muslim univ - 93% muslims
Chennai Stella marys - 96/118 are x-ians!

- Again in Kerala, the organized 'minority' fundementalists cry for more reservations in job and education sectors. Since the media is fully controlled by x-ain fundementalist manorama, the real picture is never exposed.
Now see how the government aided x-ian/muslim colleges discriminate others :
95% muslim representation among faculties in govt-aided muslim colleges and 90% representation of x-ian facilties in govt-aided x-ian colleges, ie loot the state govt. and sponsor 'aparthied'.

Also among the self-financing professional colleges 95% of students and faculty-staff is represented by the missionary religions. And still they bark!

Are we still under the British Raj??!


Anonymous said...

Communist terrorism continues in Kerala...

Lets start fundementalist religious courses - Marxism, Stalinism, Leninism, EMS-ism in schools to appease the leftist terrorists.

Anonymous said...

Kudos to Rajeev for yet another well-thought out writeup! You are the one reason I visit Rediff these days!
Coming to the topic, the 1984 Congress-led genocide must rank and the single darkest blot on modern India. Sikhs unlike any other minority in the country have been in the forefront of any nationalist struggle. Again unlike any other minority(bar the Jains and Parsis) they have never demanded special treatment or concessions at the cost of the nation's progress. They have been the model minority that others must try to emulate. It is a shame how the Govt of the day tried to manipulate them and how the ISI across the border used separatist elements among them to pursue their agenda of bleeding India. Its a great tribute to the wisdom of the Sikhs that they did not fall into that trap for too long.
I myself am a South Indian with quite a few friends from all communities and have found Sikhs to be more nationalist than most.
Once again I congratulate Rajeev for bringing this up and highlighting a community that most other whining minorites must emulate!

san said...

Fundamentalist preacher Pat Robertson has called for the assassination of Venezuela's Hugo Chavez:

This is why fundamentalists should not be in charge of govt, because really fundamentalism is just the refuge of duffers and hotheads.

san said...

Our preaching Leftists strangely fall silent when the 1984 riots are mentioned. Likewise, the Leftist textbook-auditing activists also curiously fall silent on the subject of Pakistani school textbooks:

Strange how their ethics suddenly stop at the border.

Chetan said...

I don't know if you like the Bill O'Reilly, but if Rupert Murdoch ever envisages an Indian O'Reilly factor, it ought to be named "The Rajeev Srinivasan Factor", where the pseudo secularists and the red hypocrites are put on the mat. Kudos for keeping the right wing flag flying high in the Indian media. I wish you take up TV journalism as well.

Anonymous said...

I think we need to push for a right wing TV news channel in India (on the lines of FOX in the US).

But this is going to be a really uphill task given the stronghold that 'Sickulars' and 'Commies' have on our media (both print and video).

san said...

Now we see the Left-wing Congress Govt reacting explosively to any challenge to this issue which is near and dear to their hearts -- Reservation:

You know that when it comes to defending their precious privy purses, there is no ethic they won't breach, and there is no stone they'll leave unturned.

Anonymous said...

A genocide is a genocide. Whether the community contributed to the nation or society is irrelevant. In the 1857 freedom struggle, Sikhs helped the British forces crush the Indian fighters whereas there are numerous instances of Sikhs serving the country. Let us not mix these two things.

The Congress sponsored genocides are dangerous in at least one other respect. Sundry leaders fan the riots just to please the bosses and the highcommand. The brahmins were targeted in 1948 in Maharashtra; the sikhs in 1984.

Anonymous said...

A genocide is a genocide when the victims are powerless and cannot retaliate. Thus 1984 was a genocide of Sikhs. Congress goons killed Sikhs, but no Sikhs killed any Congress goons.

Gujarat 2002 was not a genocide. It was an extended communal riot. Hindus killed Muslims. Muslims killed Hindus. Police killed both. Both killed police.

The thing that surprised the Muslims about 2002 was that it had not occurred to them that Muslims could be killed in riots. The standard Muslim belief has always been that their job is to kill, not to die. So they were shocked when they died too. Like how could Allah allow Muslims to be killed? Does this mean Allah is not omnipotent after all?

Muslims are trained to slaughter people (via the slitting of animal's throats) from childhood. It's their job to kill. But not to die.

Anonymous said...

This is Great Stuff.

Check it out:

Anonymous said... is a missionary propaganda organ. Whatever is published in it is complete trash, manufactured with Vatican/Southern Baptist money. As soon as you see that name, you might as well move on because reading it will rot your brain.

But Abraham, the formerly anonymous one, couldn't resist posting this, once again as Anonymous. Typical Christist hypocrite.

Kancha Ilaih is a buffoon (or buffalo because that is his favourite animal) who has made a career out of writing nonsense. Everything he says about Hindu oppression is a lie. But it is actually true in white, Christian oppression of non-whites and non-Christians.

Yoginder Sikand is a 'house nigger' maintained by Muslims as their puppet, just like Teesta Setalvad, with lots of Saudi money.

Why i am not pinko! said...

Illiah should better be carrying around goat-shit or cock-shit,but in Christs name ,no "Why i am not a...."

Anonymous said...

In India, there have been enough riots and enough killings. If someone really thinks that only Muslims did the killing, he must be insane. Muslims were killed as well.

I hope this blog doesn't degenerate into a platform for muslim-haters. It will never be able to achieve any constructive goal in that case.

Anonymous said...

There are only a few instances in India where Muslims got killed, and these were generally not riots, they were government actions eg. police action in Hyderabad, Bhagalpur blindings.

In normal riots Muslims usually do all the killing because they incite them, stockpile weapons and are prepared for the riots: eg. Marad.

The one major riot in which Muslims were killed was at Nellie in Assam with 3,000 killed. It appears illegal Bangladeshi settlers were massacred by native Assamese.

san said...

JFK was willing to use nukes to defend India? Read the claim: