Friday, September 10, 2010

why only one prince retains his privy purse

sep 8th, 2010

why, because he's a mohammedan. those whom the GoI lied to and cheated were mostly hindu princes. but this odious 'nawab' of arcot is the only one who apparently retains his lavish funding by the GoI, not to mention saudi arabia. 

why isn't the 'anti-religious' DMK shouting about this?

that's right, the DMK is only anti-hindu. that creep, their god e v ramaswamy naicker used to suck up to every mohammedan and christist in sight, and his venom was reserved only for the hindus. a true pseudo-secularist. muthuvel karunanidhi is the same. these jerks have poisoned the minds of millions of tamils against their ancestral and native faith. 

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