Thursday, September 09, 2010

Indo-Pak love fest at US Open

BANGALORE: Rohan Bopanna and Aisam-ul-Haq Qureshi, tennis world’s Indo-Pak Express, stormed into the US Open men’s doubles final early on Thursday, downing Argentina’s Eduardo Schwank and Horacio Zaballos 7-6 (7-5), 6-4 in the semifinals, before scores of Indians and Pakistanis who cheered in one voice. ‘Indo-Pak’ has never sounded sweeter.

The 16th-seed combination, who played their maiden Grand Slam semifinal before an audience that included the United Nations ambassadors of India and Pakistan, Hardeep Puri and Abdullah H Haroon, will take on the top-seeded American pair of Bob and Mike Bryan in the title round late on Friday.

"I see Qureshi from Lahore and Bopanna from Bangalore combining like brothers," sports minister MS Gill told TOI. "I have one question for everyone. If Bopanna and Qureshi can play together, why cannot India and Pakistan."

Enough already with the nauseating Indo-Pak love fest.
This is the same idiot Sports minister who didn't recognize
Pullela Gopichand, only the 2nd Indian to win the All England Open Badminton championship.

Incidentally, this bozo also used to be India's Chief Election Commissioner - joined the Con-gress immediately after retirement and was rewarded for his service with a Cabinet post, i.e. the Sports Ministry.

No wonder India only participates in sporting events for "participation", not winning.
An aspiration to win would be
un-Secular, un-Nehruvian, un-Socialistic. Why, it would almost be "communal"!!!

I wish this Indo-Pak pair loses in the U.S Open, if only because I want to see a quick end to the suicidal Indo-Pak love fest, before some moron like I.K Gujral proposes a joint Indo-Pak
team for the next Cricket World Cup.
Perhaps Azharuddin & Ayesha( Sangeeta Bijliani) could be brand ambassadors for such a team!
{Or the Old Nawab of Pataudi and the other Ayesha (Sharmila Tagore). That horny old goat has been credited with fathering a long lineage of Lust, sorry "Love" Jihadis. So, perhaps the old goat is a better candidate by virtue of his Luv Jihad credentials? But, I digress...}

It would be very appropriate too, because I gather from the latest buzz about them in the Indian tabloid media that the tainted cricketer was getting ready to pronounce triple Talaq
on Ayesha and introduce yet another infidel Hindu girl to the
religion of Peace (TM)

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