Monday, September 20, 2010

UPA sends Jihadis & Marxists to negotiate with Hurriyat

Owaisi said, 'Srinagar is a ghost town. Yeh kya kar diya hai (What have they done)? The people are very angry. It moved us to see that people were searching for milk. We were told that since last three months children were not going to school, medicines or proper food have been in short supply. They said they were being tormented.They can't bear the torture of their youth."

The solution is very easy. Just tell the rage boys to stop their stone pelting and go back to leading a semblance of civilized life as the world knows it. There will be no curfew, no "torture".
I'd like to know Owaisi's definition of "torture", BTW. Does it mean circumscribing the
freedom of Jihadis to kill Hindus for a day?

Whose idea was it to send this Jihadi Razakar butcher from Hyderabad to Kashmir - to negotiate on behalf of the government of India with Kashmiri secessionist Jihadis?

The UPA thugs presiding over the dismemberment of India sure have a wicked sense of humour.

"....While Yechury, matured and equally firm, told Geelani, "India is saddled with parliament's resolution that says that Kashmir is integral part of India.."

And to add insult to injury, this
dishonest COMINTERN thug
shamelessly declares that India is BURDENED by a Parliamentary resolution to assert its sovereignty over territory that rightfully belongs to it!!! If enforcing national sovereignty is a BURDEN, then what is the directive to vacate
foreign aggression and occupation on 45% of Kashmir?
Why, of course, that constitutes
TORTURE in the communist/
pseudo secular lexicon!!!

Sending these anti-national elements to "negotiate" is an ominous indicator of the tinpot UPA dictatorship's actual intentions, namely to surrender Jammu & Kashmir to Pakistan.

Kerala and Assam are likely the next candidates for molestation.


Sumeet said...

The puppet PM's media advisor has blasted the Congress party for its nepotism, cronyism and groupism.

Read on

and post it on your website before the UPA goons block it.

Raghu said...

The UPA used the same Wretchury to dismember democracy and special Hindu status in Nepal. Your comments about Owaisi also so true.

What about the strange case of Vijay Kumar: arrested and screwed for carrying a set of brass knuckles in his bag? I think more than one month has passed without a whimper from the Indian govt.Our dear PM (Puppet Minister) is not having any sleepless nights, unfortunately.
The guy could have easily carried his literature on CDs and/or portable hard disk and avoided any controversy.