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Kalmadi isn't the only one to blame for CWG mess by Virendra Kapoor in Rediff + How Delgi Govt favored a Delhi based builder

sep 26th, 2010

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Now that Kalmadi has been shown the door sections of the media are making it as sound as if things would improve because he is no longer at the helm of affairs. I am no fan of Kalmadi or M S Gill but it is not right to crucify one man and leave the others.
Question to ask is 'Is Kalmadi the only man responsible for the mess'. This article by Virendra Kapoor was published a month ago in Rediff.
It must be a joke that India's Sports minister M S Gill is 70 plus and a former Chief Election Commissioner. What are the skills that be brought to the table for organizing CGames. One more reason why CG became a mess.
If the PM of a nation with a billion people has to get involved in organizing CGames it speaks volumes of his leadership qualities and management talent at his disposal.
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Kalmadi isn't the only one to blame for CWG mess
Officially, Suresh Kalmadi [ Images ] had only Rs 6.7 billion to play around with as the Commonwealth Games [ Images ] boss.

As against this, Sheila Dikshit's government was allocated Rs 16.56 billion to upgrade the capital's infrastructure in time for the Games, notes Virendra Kapoor.


They may have virtually stripped Suresh Kalmadi of all powers as the chairman of the Organising Committee, Commonwealth Games, but he still continues to be its titular head.

And that way, Kalmadi serves a very useful purpose insofar as various ills of omission and commission of all others deeply connected with the preparations of the Delhi [ Images ] Games are best shielded from a prying media and an angry public seeking accountability and transparency.

So, whether it is Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit or Union Urban Development Minister Jaipal Reddy, Kalmadi's continuance as the notional head of the organising committee helps to make him a scapegoat while everyone else gets away by default.

Come to think of it, Kalmadi as the head of the OC had only a small fraction of the funds at his disposal to fool around with while Dikshit and Reddy control huge chunks of money earmarked for the Games.

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