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Fall Courses from Hindu University of America

sep 5th, 2010

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Hindu University of America

Hindu University of America Courses                                                                       407 275 0013


September 2010

Issue No. 9


In This Issue - Fall Courses



Dear Abhinav,

Fall registration time is here!  The courses below are offered for the Fall Semester which goes from September 29 to December 13, 2010.


You can register for a course by completing a "Course Registration Form" at and mailing it to HUA or emailing it to  HUA is also offering Yoga Therapy Workshops on campus.  For more details, please call 407-275-0013.




Hindu University of America





PhilosophyHIN 5302 - Buddhism: Buddha Dharma - A Practical Introduction to Tibetan Buddhism

The vitality of Tibetan Buddhism in exile has exceeded anything anyone could have predicted. Student explore the culture, religion, philosophy, ethics and psychology of Tibetan Buddhism, all the while learning how so many use it as a personal path to overcome the "dukha" (suffering, discontent, unease) that arises in our lives simply because we are human beings. Buddhism's central focus is the mind, and its rich lineage of teachings and practices not only uncover why we experience "unease," but also identify the insights and skills with which we can begin to overcome the habits of mind that bring about our suffering, replacing them with methods of mind that lead to personal (and ultimately global) well-being.

HIN 5603 - Journey of the Soul

The Vedic Hindu culture is the oldest living culture on Planet Earth. In this unique interdisciplinary course, we explore the journey of the soul in the light of the great spiritual truths of this enlightened heritage and look for parallel ideas from other sources: Christianity, Mormonism, Judaism, Jewish Kabbalah, Buddhism, Native American Tradition, Australian Aborigine Tradition, Early Greek and Roman Philosophers, Western mystics, and contemporary gifted individuals.

HNP 5002 - Philosophy of the Upanishads

Upanishads as the epitome of Vedic spiritual science; concept of Atman - individual being and Brahman - Universal Being; universe as Lila - divine play; law of Karma and reincarnation; ideal of Moksha or liberation from Samsara.

HNP 5003 - Philosophy of Srimad Bhagavad-Gita


Philosophical teachings of Gītā; Gītā as a popular religious manual; philosophical teachings of some major commentators of Gītā including Śhankara, Ramānuja, Aurobindo, Tilak, Gandhi, Vinoba Bhave, Prabhupada, Gnaneshwar, Vivekananda,S. Radhakrishnan,Roy Emerson and others; significance of karma and incarnation, duty, selfless deeds, emphasis on Yoga, Sannyāsa, Yajña, concept of Divine Incarnation; eclectic nature of Gītā and ideal of Bhakti or loving devotion.


HNP 5301 - Vaishnava Philosophy

This course gives an overview of the history of the Vaishnava faith and its development in India. It describes the various Vaishnava schools with a brief description of their founders, philosophy, practices and followers.





HUA offers courses in affiliation with the following institutes. Earn a Master's or Doctoral Degree from HUA and receive credit for the courses that you take with these esteemed institutes: 




Kerala Ayurveda Academy


California College of Ayurveda 


Paramanand Institute


Amrit Yoga Institute 


Sri Aurobindo Center for Advanced Research

Philosophy, Sanskrit, Astrology


HNP 5701 - Contemporary Hindu Philosophers

Contemporary Hindu Philosophers constitute a cross-section of the views of modern Hindu Philosophers concerning religion and metaphysics and their interpretative role.


HUC 5001 - Principles of Hinduism

An overview of Hinduism - perspectives of analysis and presentation in its name, meaning, characteristics; Hinduism source works - overview of basic Hindu scriptures; select reading from source scriptures like Veda's, Upanishads, Epics, Smriti's, Bhagavad-Gita, Puranas, Dharma-Shastras.


HUC 5002 - Practices of Hinduism

Concepts of principles in practices (Dharma and Karma-kanda); Hindu samskaras & rituals as a way to understand the nature of Hinduism, Hindu calendar; world view and interaction of persons following different paths of yoga; written and unwritten rules of ritual, conduct and traditions, ethics and economics of Hinduism; Hindu-prayers; Hindu Temple, priest and activities; major Hindu festivals, observances, pilgrimages, sacred places, Hindu religious orders; understanding experiences of Hindus with non-Hindus; Hindu practices in the traditional wider world including Nepal and Bali - Diasporas.



 SanskritHUC 5003 - Basic Sanskrit

Philosophy of Sanskrit language, order of alphabets, devanagari character design, Siva sutras, Shiksha-Shastra, voicing and scripting devanagari Sanskrit, linguistically and culturally elegant reading, writing and apprehending of devanagari Sanskrit script in transliteration and digital media.


HUC 5004 - Research Methodology

The intended course is designed to introduce graduate masters-doctoral level students to critical perspectives in the concepts, purposes, models, and methods fundamental to conducting systematic inquiry in the research process.


AstrologyJYO 5101 - General Astrology & Astronomy

Theory and history of Vedic Astrology, value and use of Vedic Astrology, Astrology and modern sciences, Astrology and karma, relevance of Vedic Astrology, Astrology and Psychology.


JYO 5401 - Medical Astrology

This course covers the fundamental concepts of Astrology including the relationship with Macro Cosmos and Micro cosmos - Edifice of Astrology and Karma theory - Meanings of Astrological terminologies.  Signification of Zodiacal signs, houses,  planets and stars with relevance to Medical Astrology, parts of human body ruled by signs, planets and stars- study of a healthy  body (Deha Soukhya Yoga) or diseased body  (Deha Kashta Yoga).



YPM 5001 - Patanjali's Yoga Darshana

In the Yoga Sutras, Patanjali brought together various principles and practices of Yoga prevalent at his time. Yoga is a spiritual science. It is a means for realizing the Self. Yoga tradition is as old as civilization. Patanjali's Yoga system is closely connected to the Samkhya Philosophy. Yoga is defined as the restraint of modifications of the mind. In order to purify the mind a Yogi has to practice Yama and Niyama and withdraw the senses from the objects of the senses. Then by practice of concentration of the mind and meditation, Samadhi is attained and the Self is realized. This is the state of liberation from the bondage of karma and suffering.


YPM 5002 - Kapila's Samkhya Darshana

Sāmkhya as psychological evolution of cosmos; concepts of Purusha and Prakriti; twenty four evolutes; relationship and comparisons between Buddhist and Upanishadic and Vedantic teachings.

YPM 5003 - Yoga Philosophy and Meditation

This course covers the history of Yoga Philosophy; the streams that shaped Yoga; the "Yoga Sutras" of Patanjali; Yoga Psychology; Yoga asanas and breathing exercises; traditions of Yoga and their relationship with meditation; meditation in the system of Yoga and the Vedantic practices of meditation.


Yoga Therapy Workshops




HUA and SYVASA are offering Yoga Therapy Workshops.  The Workshops will be given at HUA each weekend. 


 1. Saturday, Sept. 11 - Workshops on a) Anxiety and Depression and b) Diabetes


2. Sunday, Sept. 12 - Workshops on a) Pain Management and b) Paralysis  


3. Saturday, Sept. 18 - Workshop on Yoga for seniors (above age 60)


4. Sunday, Sept. 19 - Workshop on Yoga for youth (below age 25)   


The Workshops fee is $30. for a single session; $50. for two sessions.



Special Yoga therapy consultations and Yoga techniques for different ailments will also be offered during the week by appointment.  These treatments have been shown to prevent diseases, promote positive health and bring harmony and peace in the society. 


For more information & registration, please contact or

call 407-275-0013



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