Thursday, September 02, 2010

Dress code: Female Mohdan Engineering student gets death threat in Kerala

sep 2nd, 2010

didn't someone say "there's no compulsion in mohammedanism"? i guess this is another example of the mohammedan dictionary being different from normal dictionaries.

no harpies like shabana, teesta, genocide suzie, shouting about women's rights in this case? what, cat got your tongue?

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From: Ravi

Dress code: Muslim student gets death threat


28 Aug 2010



KASARGOD: All India Lawyers Union Kerala Unit has said a person has full freedom to wear any dress material acceptable to the society and anyone enforcing dress code on caste and religious consideration should be isolated.

Speaking to reporters here yesterday, E K Narayanan, State Secretary of the Union, expressed concern over the murder threat reportedly served by an anonymous organisation on Raihana R Khazi, an aeronautical engineering graduate from Kasargod, recently for refusing to wear purdah.

Such incidents amount to naked violation of denying civic and democratic rights of a citizen, he said, adding the Lawyers Union would extend free legal assistance to any person facing similar situations in Kerala.

Earlier, Kerala High court had granted police protection to the 22-year-old Raihana for three weeks.

In her petition, Raihana had stated that after returning to Kerala from Chennai on completion of her course in August last, some neighbours and her distant relative insisted that she should wear Purdah, veil and head scarf.She resisted their interference on her religious freedom.


Ghatotkacha said...

Cat has got the bitches tongue.

smriti said...

Brave girl. I hope she succeeds. But, you never know these days with the "secular judiciary" as seen in the bizarre twists in the Sister Abhaya case involving one "justice giver" who also happened to be a woman.