Wednesday, September 29, 2010

ayodhya forecast

sep 29th, 2010

1. whatever the verdict is, both sides will appeal to the supreme court

2. the verdict will be heavily skewed in favor of mohammedans, because the court wants to avoid riots

3. mohammedans will riot anyway. rage boys will run rampant, setting fire to hindu shops etc. 

so you better be prepared, take some defensive measures, be vigilant. the kerala government told visiting limey parliamentarians, for instance, to be extremely careful today, fearing trouble.


Vijay said...

Unlike the past, in this internet age, the Hindu point of view is also available and disseminated.

If the case does go to the Supreme Court .. that would mean there will be more opportunities to show the Hindu side and get more Hindus the know about the violent Islamic history in India.

Raghu said...

All 3 of your predications are wrong.
All political parties are scrambling for political mileage.Watched some ELM channels this evening and they were properly "sickular". The "psephologist" Yadav turned commentator, and remarked that the ASI Report cited by the HC was "highly controversial". Dileep Padgaonkar, ex-editor of the Slimes said that "Ram cannot be the defining person for the nation" or words to that effect.Sadia Dehlvi said she"cried when she saw the mosque being broken" and didn't want to "tell her son the details when he came of age". The commentators also said that " Hindus should participate in building a grand mosque because they invited muslims to participate in building a grand temple". I didn't hear anybody talk about constructing a hospital or a garden anywhere. We watch.

nizhal yoddha said...

1. hindu mahasabha planning to appeal, so i was right

2. this surprised me

3. mohammedan riots? it ain't over till the fat lady sings, boyo.

Arvind said...


(1) is a no-brainer. There will be appeals. (2) is off but not way off. It is not heavily skewed but it is still skewed because Muslims get 1/3rd of the land despite losing the case. Hindus are so used to defeat that they see victory in this, but yes, this is a victory for Hindus because all that they get otherwise is defeat. (3) isn't over until a couple of peaceful Fridays have passed. There was some rioting in Pakistan I hear.

Vijay said...

Mohammedans already have a huge list to riot for.

This is just another reason. Does not make that big a difference.